Scalloped Potatoes

Recipe by pkhemmerich
READY IN: 1hr 5mins
YIELD: 1/2 cup




  • 1) In stock pot, bring water to boil and then preheat the over to 375 degrees F.
  • 2) Slice potatoes 1/4" thick; I prefer them with the skins on. (Can be completed ahead of time).
  • 3) Shred all your cheeses and combine, mixing well. Set aside about 1/3 of a cup for topping. (This can be done earlier in the day.).
  • 4) Parboil sliced potatoes for 1-2 minutes. They should just be slightly tender. Remove and drain on towel Let them completely dry. (This can be done ahead of time.).
  • 5) In small saucepan, combine flour and butter over low heat and make a roux. Then add cream and continue heating on low heat, stirring gently.
  • 6) Once the cream is warm, but not boiling, add the cheese in small quantities until all the cheese is melted and incorporated. Add salt, pepper, and paprika. Continue heating until the sauce thickens.
  • 6) In a greased 9x9 glass roasting dish, layer potatoes in the bottom, about two layers tall. Pour part of the cheese mixture over this layer. Repeat until all the sauce and potatoes are used.
  • 7) Top the potatoes with the 1/3c. of cheese mixture.
  • 8) Bake, uncovered, for 45 minutes. If the top isn't thoroughly browned after the 45 minutes, increase the temperature to 450 degrees F. and bake until golden brown OR place under the broiler. If you broil them, watch them closely so they don't burn!
  • 9) Let them cool before serving.
  • Just one note, cheddar cheese is fairly high in oil, so after cooking you can remove some of the excess released from the cooking process fat with a spoon.