Regal Alaskan's Blackened Shrimp or Halibut

"This recipe was given to me by a chef at the Regal Alaskan Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska, while on a fishing trip. This is by far the best tasting fish or shrimp I have ever had, and tons of people agree with me. I have used this recipe several times for large parties and have yet to find anyone not completely satisfied. If you cook the food properly it will not come out burnt, but will have some charring on the outside and be perfect on the inside. My favorite is the blackened shrimp with the cajun hollandaise sauce, it is to die for. (If you don't wish to make the blacken seasoning, I've found Cajun's Choice blackened seasoning to be the best store bought blackened seasoning on the market)"
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photo by ARathkamp
photo by ARathkamp photo by ARathkamp
Ready In:
1hr 5mins




  • This recipe is designed to feed however many people you want. Just adjust the amount of melted butter, blacken seasoning, and hollandaise to accommodate the number of servings you need.
  • For Blacken Seasoning: Mix all ingredients in a bowl making sure to mix everything very well.
  • For Cajun Hollandaise Sauce: Saute the ham and shrimp in butter until the shrimp is cooked thoroughly.
  • Add the blacken seasoning to taste and allow the mixture to cool.
  • After the ham and shrimp mixture has cooled, fold together the shrimp/ham mixture, diced tomato, green onion, and hollandaise sauce.
  • For the Blackened Shrimp or Halibut: For this recipe it is best to use a cast iron skillet or griddle on a bbq grill or an outdoor propane cooker, I prefer a large cast iron skillet and a propane cooker.
  • For shrimp: peel, de-vein, and butterfly the shrimp.
  • For halibut: cut halibut filets to 1/4 to 1/2 inch thickness.
  • Heat cast iron skillet to 700 degrees (the skillet will smoke and the bottom will start to turn white) Dredge butterflied shrimp, or halibut filets, in butter then coat one side with blacken seasoning.
  • Place shrimp (or halibut) seasoning side down in the skillet and coat the other side with blacken seasoning.
  • Cook for 2 1/2 minutes and then turn the shrimp (or halibut) and cook until desired doneness (usually only takes about another minute or two) Serve shrimp on a pool of Cajun Hollandaise Sauce, reserving enough sauce to dip shrimp into.
  • This recipe will also work for cooking steaks or thicker pieces of halibut but you need to cook as above and then finish in the oven.
  • WARNING: You will create a large amount of smoke when using this cooking method.
  • (Unless you wish to invite your local fire department to join you for dinner.) WARNING Number 2: Cooking shrimp or halibut using this method has been known to be extremely addictive once you have tasted the results.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Cindi M.
    This sounds great but is that right on the salt? Or could it be teaspoon? Thanks


  1. ARathkamp
    We just used the rub from this dish on some mahi mahi.. it was fabulous!


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