Prosciutto Wrapped Egg Cups

READY IN: 30mins




  • 1.Chop up your onions,mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes. We soaked our sun dried tomatoes in water for a few minutes first, but you don’t have to. We buy the ones that are not packed in oil.
  • 2.Saute onions, mushrooms and tomatoes in some ghee or coconut oil until your onions are translucent. Throw in your spinach until it is wilted. Then remove from heat and set aside.
  • 3.In a small bowl, beat 5 eggs with a fork and then season with salt and pepper. Go easy on the salt because your prosciutto will also add salt.
  • 4.Grease your muffin tins really, really well. We also have silicon muffin cups but went with actual muffin tins today so that our prosciutto would crisp up.
  • 5.Lay one piece of prosciutto into each cup and mold it around until it fits. You don’t want any holes for the egg to leak through.
  • 6.In six of our cups, we spooned in some of our mushroom, onion, tomato and spinach filling. We then poured the beaten eggs into each of those cups until they were full.
  • 7.For the remaining six cups, we cracked a whole egg into each and then dropped in half of a cherry tomato. We sprinkled freshly ground pepper and sea salt on these ones.
  • 8.Variations: you could put just about anything you like in these: cheese if you eat dairy, sausage, smoked salmon, red or green bell pepper, broccoli etc….
  • 9.Bake in a preheated 200 C oven for about 15 minutes or until set and starting brown on top. Let them sit for a few minutes after they come out of the oven and then run a knife around the side to remove them from the pan (this is the part where you can tell if you greased your pan well enough!).