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Pappasito's Salsa

Pappasito's Salsa created by Addicted to Bread

Found this in response to a request on the boards. It looks very good!!! It's from

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  • In a moderately hot skillet that has been sprayed with a cooking spray brown the coarsely chopped Pablano pepper and jalapeno pepper.
  • Brown and stir until the skins have turned dark on many sides of peppers.
  • Add tomatoes and brown them until the skins on the tomatoes have turned a dark brown on several sides, remove pan from heat.
  • Put onion in hot skillet that has been removed from the heat and stir.
  • In a food processor add celery salt, oregano, cilantro, sugar, garlic salt and pepper.
  • Pour peppers, onions and tomatoes and add water a little at a time; process just enough to chop to a medium
  • consistency but not to a smooth paste, leave a little chunky.
  • Remove from processor and pour in hot skillet turn up heat quickly stir for 3 min and serve hot.
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"Found this in response to a request on the boards. It looks very good!!! It's from"
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  1. mcnm6886
    I add a fresh grated garlic clove and blackened the skin of my tomatoes and jalapeño under the broiler then followed the recipe.
    • Review photo by mcnm6886
  2. mcnm6886
    I added I grated fresh garlic clove and I blackened the tomatoes and jalapeño under the broiler.
  3. Jeff U.
    I do love Pappasito's salsa and I think this missed the mark. Couple of mistakes on my part - my tomatoes were not very ripe and I don't think I blistered/browned the ingredients well enough. The Pappasito's salsa is almost smoky because of how they blister the veggies. The real disconnect here is the celery salt. If it's necessary at all, you definitely don't need that much. The overwhelming flavor in the salsa is celery salt! Not happy about that since I made a double batch. Besides the celery salt flavor, it was pretty bland in flavor. Won't be making this again.
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  4. Melissa F.
    I just made this and it tastes pretty great! I don't know what Pappasito's is and have never had it, so I can't speak to how this compares, but the taste is definitely unique. <br/><br/>I second other reviewers who said that the oregano gives it a different flavor, but I was looking for something new this time so it's just fine for me. <br/><br/>I was surprised that it didn't have any acids though, and felt like it needed some. I added a splash of apple cider vinegar and squeeze of lime juice, maybe 1 tbsp. It tastes really good warm, but I'm going to chill it and see how it tastes cold for my picnic today. :)
  5. mikegrp
    Great recipe !!! I like a bit more spice so I use 2 poblano peppers and 2 Jalapeno peppers. Recently I decided to change it up a little bit. I placed tin foil on the grill and sprayed it with butter flavored pam, I took the tomatoes, the onion cut into 6 chunks, the peppers cored and seeded and placed everything on the foil. I lightly drizzled some bell pepper italian salad dressing on the veges and slow cooked them for about 50 minutes turning them every 10 minutes until they were brown with some light charring. Since i doubled the peppers I used slightly heaping spoonfulls of the dry ingredients, everything else I do the same except I skip the water.....WOW this changes the taste by cooking it on the grill.....I love the original recipe but if you are looking to kick it up give the grill a try !!!!!
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