My Best Ever Pink Salmon Patties

"This is a favorite of my kids.... Its easy, tasty, and quite a penny stretcher. And goes great with the 99c bags of broccoli, cauliflower and carrot frozen vegetable melody, and a quick cheese sauce (3 tbsp. butter, 3 tbsp. flour, let cook 1 min. 1 1/2 cups milk, and and a cup of processed cheese like Velveeta (but the save-a-lot brand taste just as good and a lot cheaper) cut cheese up into cubes let melt. add about a dash of nutmeg, and a dash of pepper) and your done. Under 5 bucks to feed a family of 4 and probably with some leftovers. ALSO THESE SALMON PATTIES IF MADE INTO SMALLER PATTIES MAKE FOR A GREAT APPETIZERS SPECIALLY IF YOU WRAP THEM IN PUFF PASTRY AND BAKE (remember you must fry first). makes about 24 small 1/2 dollar-size appetizers. LEFTOVERS: They also make great for sandwiches, for school lunch bags or brown bags and picnics."
photo by Marlene. photo by Marlene.
photo by Marlene.
Ready In:
8 medium Patties




  • Quick and easy!
  • Just add all ingredients into a medium size bowl; mix well.
  • Cover and let sit for at least 10 minutes to let the flavors and seasonings to merge together.
  • Form into patties.
  • Spray frying pan with butter flavored cooking spray (even though it does taste better if you put about 2 tablespoons butter in the frying pan let melt).
  • Place patties in pan; cook until crispy and dark golden brown on each side; about 3 to 4 minutes on each side, on medium to medium-high heat.

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  1. Marlene.
    For myself, there is a LOT of seasoning flavors going on here. Almost to the point of distraction from the taste of salmon. Your directions didn't say to drain the salmon or not , so I did. Even with draining it , there was no way they could be formed into patties. I used my ice cream scoop to plop them in a fry pan and then I used the back of my pancake turner to flatten them down somewhat. I'm sure there are others that wouldn't mind the amount of seasoning at all. Just a personal preference thing I'm sure :) Made for Think Pink '08


Well lets see I'm a single mom of 2 my little girl whom is 8 and my little boy whom is 5. Just divorced, lets see I dance for a living; but I don't really mind it gives me a great paycheck and more time to spend with my babies. I don't really have like a favorite cook book, but I've always cooked since I could remember, I learned from pulling up a chair to the counter top and watching both of my grandmothers both of which where profectional cooks as careers and my great-grandmother whom might as well took cooking as a career specially since she was the mother of 13 kids and pretty much spent all her time in the kitchen anyways. Some of my recipes I have revised to my own personal taste from my all of my grandmothers recipes; which is kind of cool becouse granny and her mother my nannie where both from Irland and my mama was born at Cherokee Reservasion, in North Carollina wich give me another side of learning how to cook great food besides American Indian food she also tought me about the type of food and how to cook it from the Blue Ridge Mountains; both of which have their own destintive taste and flair. I also learned how to cook Mexican and Tex-Mex food from living years in San Antonio, Texas and learned how to cook this type of food from my Step Grandmother and Step Father whom one grow up in Mexico and the other in Texas... I also grew up learning how to cook vegitarian since my dad is a hippy, lol,,, that was definitly interesting. And due to my X-Husband whom is Filipino tought me along with his mother and grand mother to cook some of their favorite dishes but I think my favorite one I learned from them was lumpia or also know as spring rolls here in the states and fresh lumpia....
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