Salmon Patties

"My husband loves these almost as much as hamburgers!"
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Ready In:
6 patties




  • Drain salmon well, and remove skin& bones.
  • Place into medium mixing bowl& mash up with fork.
  • Add all other ingredients& mix together (mixture should be stiff enough to form patties, but not too dry).
  • Form into patties& place in a pre-heated skillet, sprayed with a little non-stick spray.
  • Cook until golden brown on both sides.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Bernie C.
    How many crackers?


  1. Teresa M
    I "HATE" short unconstructive reviews, but mine is gonna be short. These were EXCELLENT! I wouldn't change a thing, PERMANENT KEEPER!!! UPDATE: Excellent Mary, thank you for responding to my recipe request. This recipe was tried as a result of that and loved by all of us, thanks! This was Very Good, a bit hit here, permanent keeper, which is a 5+ star rating here! Teresa M.
  2. Jess Carter
    Excellent recipe, I had a can of Salmon with no idea how to make patties so I tried this one for dinner last night, my husband and two children loved them! I added a bit of mustard to the mix before cooking them, it was a hit! Thanks!
  3. LadybugLady
    This has been a family favorite for years. I had never made it with red pepper flakes, but it was quite a nice addition. I do make a white onion and dill sauce to top the patties. Yummy!
  4. TreeSquirrel
    Here's my take on the recipe: I used regular saltines, added chopped garlic and onion, a big dash of Worcestershire sauce, fresh lemon juice, and crushed red pepper flakes. I like the basic recipe, but it was needing more flavor. With my additions, it definitely gives the basic recipe more kick. Thanks for posting!
  5. kansashortcake
    I make these at least once a month. I use 4 cans (5oz) skinless boneless salmon, 3 eggs, and one roll (40) ritz crackers. Yum! I always searve with cream peas :)


  1. Donald L. M.
    Really great salmon burger. I substituted toasted Italian bread instead of the buttery crackers and added just abt. 1/4 teaspoon of minced garlic to the receipt. The salmon burgers were delicious. Next time, I'll try the crumbled cracker. Thanks for the very enjoyable meal experience. Donald L Smiley
  2. Larry D.
    Added 1/4 tsp Frank's RedHot ® Sauce. I also used Tony Chachere's® Original Creole Seasoning in place of the salt and pepper, which oomphed the flavor perfectly for us. Very simple and easy to make. I used a non-stick butter flavor spray and served them with green beans with lemon pepper on the side. It's a keeper! And with it being low calorie, low sodium and low carbohydrates it is perfect for a dieter's dinner.
  3. Pam-I-Am
    Yum! I loved the addition of red pepper flakes - gave them a kick. I also liked using Ritz crackers instead of saltines. I could taste the buttery difference. I doubled this recipe and added about a tablespoon of dried mince onoin to mine. In our family, we like creamed peas on top, so I made a white sauce and added peas. This is one of my 9 yo daughters favorite meals!
  4. jellyko
    Salmon patties are so tasty and good for you. I used 2 vacuum packed bags 7 oz. each salmon (which is nice and already drained and boned and clean!)I used hot sauce instead of red pepper flakes. Served with 1/2 cup mayo + 1 tsp. dried dill weed as a sauce. Great with cold macaroni salad and corn on the cob.
  5. PanNan
    I really liked the Ritz crackers instead of saltines or bread crumbs, and the addition of the red pepper flakes. Next time I'll also add a few sauteed chopped onions. I used a 7 oz can of skinless boneless salmon with one egg, and it took 8 crushed crackers to get it to the consistency I like. I always saute salmon patties in a little butter. It makes a nice toasty dark crust, which I prefer. Great basic recipe that allows for a quite a bit of flexibility. I'll make these again.



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