Mom's Porcupine Meatballs

Mom's Porcupine Meatballs created by Marsha D.

These were a favorite of mine when I was growing up. This is taken from my family cookbook. I've made them with ground turkey also - very tastey!

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  • Mix together first eight ingredients and form into small meatballs (about 1 inch in diameter).
  • In large skillet or Dutch oven, mix tomato soup and tomato sauce with water. Stir to mix completely.
  • Bring sauce to boil, and drop in meatballs, making sure they are well covered in the sauce.
  • Lower heat to simmer and cover with close-fitting lid.
  • Gently stir after 20 minutes.
  • Continue to cook with pan covered for 20 minutes longer.
  • They are finished when rice is tender and sticks out like little spines on the meatballs.
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"These were a favorite of mine when I was growing up. This is taken from my family cookbook. I've made them with ground turkey also - very tastey!"

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  1. Barb S.
    Love them! I've been looking for a recipe that was close to what my aunt made when I was much younger, and if my taste buds remembers correctly, these are it!, if not, then this will be a memory for my granddaughters and sons, who ate all but the 3 I managed to get before they were gone! The only thing I changed was I omitted the Italian seasoning because I don't like it, but did everything else. Thank you for the memories...
  2. LaceySingh
    This was exactly how I remember these tasting when my mother made them! She didn't have an exact recipe and I was really craving them. I made a huge batch and I used ground turkey because my DH doesn't eat beef. These came out perfect and didn't fall apart like they normally do when I make them. The only issue I had was the rice on the inside of the meatballs was a little bit crunchy. I think I should've made smaller meatballs or something.
  3. jillybean1961
    We loved these meatballs. I substitued a can of spanish tomatoes for the tomato soup--and it gave it quite a nice flavour. We enjoyed the meatballs for supper, but even more, the next day, cold and sliced on rolls. Yum! I have already made up a triple batch of the meatballs for the freezer for a busy day.
  4. Marsha D.
    Mom's Porcupine Meatballs Created by Marsha D.
  5. Marsha D.
    WOW! I wish I could give this recipe a 10 star rating. Its absolutely the best meatballs I have ever had. I want to mention that it didn't call for browning the meatballs before adding to the sauce but I did (brown them before)and I also let them simmer in the sauce for a hour or so. I highly recommend these too! Thanks so much for sharing one of your favorite recipes.Its now ours too :)

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