Mcdonalds Caramel Frappe

"This is the closest recipe I have found for McDonalds Caramel Frape"
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photo by frostingnfettuccine
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Ready In:


  • 12 cup coffee (strong)
  • Folgers caramel groove cafe latte mix
  • 12 cup skim milk or 1/2 cup milk, whichever you prefer. I personally don't like Skim milk but I think it works best for this recipe
  • hershey's caramel ice cream topping
  • whipped cream
  • 4 cups ice


  • I USE 2 Tablespoons of GENERAL FOODS INTERNATIONAL VANILLA CARAMEL LATTE from the makers of Maxwell House INSTEAD of Folgers Caramel Groove Cafe Latte Mix, but this site does not recognize it because it is new.
  • Fill your blender almost to the top.
  • Add skim milk to blender.
  • Mix 2 TBSP Vanilla Caramel Latte with your coffee until dissolved than add to blender.
  • Blend on Med To High Speed. My blender has a Frappe speed and that is what I use. Blend until you reach the consistency you prefer. You can always add more milk if this mixture is to thick. If you do not use enough Ice, it will be very watery and it will not be anything like McDonalds Frappe.
  • Top with Whipped Cream and Caramel. I also stir in some Caramel before adding the Whipped Cream. But to each his own.

Questions & Replies

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  1. bladesxgameing
    What do you fill the blender with
  2. Patrick K.
    Instead of coffee, has anyone tried the Javy concentrate coffee micro dose? Supposed to be really good for like iced coffee and stuff. I tried it but I put a tablespoon in instead of a teaspoon and it’s WAY too much coffee flavor. Tried tweaking it a lot but ran outta ice lol
  3. Christina A.
    When you make your coffee, do you leave it HOT and add these items? OR do you just use the powder latte mix?


  1. kuryrosemarie2
    I bought one yesterday at McDonalds and noticed that they put more powder in. I put 3 tb. Of the frappe powder in, and also added a little Carmel syrup to the mixture, and only 1 cup of ice, not 2 and to me tastes exactly like theirs. I even kept the little plastic top they had . I'm enjoying my 2nd cup of it right now for pennies.
  2. Amys Treasures
    I made this today as written, only I subbed in a couple tablespoons of hot fudge sauce for the caramel and I have to say, it needs to be tweaked. What I did differently was to use cold (previously brewed) coffee and with a blender filled with ice and only 1 cup of liquid, I got two glasses of slushies. That's with additional cold coffee to help break down the ice. If you make this with previously brewed/cold coffee, you really need to cut back on the amount of ice used. Half (if not less) would be good for one serving.
  3. dahuns03
    I absolutely love McDonald's Caramel Frappe so much that I was paying $3.39 a day for one! This recipe is FABULOUS! It tastes just like the McDonald's Frappe and costs WAY less. Thank you so much!!! I am in Frappe heaven!!!
  4. Amanee
    Very good. Taste like McD's caramel frappe. I used a shot of espresso rather than brewed coffee.
  5. Nick M.
    Needs some tweaking. WAY too much ice. You basically get a watered down slushy with this much ice. Next time I try this recipe I'll try adding 2 cups instead of 4, and see if that works better.


  1. kuryrosemarie2
    I added 1 more tablespoon of powder and 1 less cup of ice.
  2. Amys Treasures
    Subbed out the caramel for hot fudge sauce to make it a mocha and I used cold coffee, not hot.



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