Low Fat Banana and Fruit Bread

"This is a low fat, healthy alternative to traditional banana breads. I think it is very good, and I doubt that anyone you serve it to would know the difference between this bread or one made with higher calorie, cholesterol ladened oils. Total calories, as I figured them (RecipeZaar figures them differently) w/ Walnuts/ Craisins - Calories 1485/ Fat 25.75/ Fiber 32 - 1 Loaf Serving = 186/3.2/4 - WW Pts = 3. Half Loaf Srvg = 2 WW Pts. My calorie totals w/ out Walnuts/ Craisins - Calories 1155/ Fat 5.75/ Fiber 27 - 1 Loaf Servings = 144/>1/3.4 - WW Pts = 2. Half Loaf Srvg = 1 WW Pt. If using crushed pineapple instead of mandarin oranges, the calorie count would drop by 60 calories for the whole batch - 140/0/2 - that is, 7.5 calories @ srvg (mini-loaf sz) - fat/fiber would remain the same - so the variance is minimal, and would not change WW Pts. You could also add - 1/3 cup Sweetened Coconut - 117/7.9/1.1 (adds abt. 8g sugar) - with or w/out the walnuts, or double the Coconut to 2/3 cup, dropping the walnuts all together! All variations would change WW Pts count - adding 1/3c coconut in addition to chopped walnuts would change to: 1602/33.65/33.1 - 8 srvgs = 200/4.2/4.2 or 4 Pts. Replacing 1/3 cup coconut flakes for the 1/4 cup walnuts, would leave the point count the same as originally figured: 3 Pts @ mini-loaf srvg. Okay, just a thought here - but, I'll bet this recipe would make great cookie too! They would be moist, soft cookie - if you made 24 cookie - even w/ the walnuts and craisins - they'd be about 1 WW Pt for each cookie. Really, there are so many variations you could do to this recipe! You could add some dried candied fruit to make it a fruit cake type loaf or cookie (probably adding loads of calories and points - but for a occasional treat you might consider it - if you do that, I'd use broken walnuts, not chopped - bigger chunks like in regular fruit cake). I hope I've given you enough info so that you can, without doing much math, figure the various calorie or points totals. Sorry for the lengthy introduction, but I really think this recipe is great! Let me know what you think! I appreciate your input or suggestions."
photo by Saya2791 photo by Saya2791
photo by Saya2791
Ready In:
8 Mini-Loafs




  • Combine first 6 ingredients on the list.
  • Mash bananas and oranges (drain liquid off first) in separate bowl until blended - some chucky-ness okay. NOTE: Can replace oranges w/ 1 - 8 oz. can crushed pineapple - also drained.
  • Combine mixed dry ingredients with mashed bananas and oranges.
  • Add remaining ingredients on list and stir.
  • Pour into pans that have been sprayed w/ baking spray (mini-loaf pans - makes 8 decent sized loafs).
  • Bake 350 degree until golden brown (pan sizes vary cooking time - mine cooked about 30 - 35 mins).

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My husband and I recently retired and we are now busier than we ever were when we worked! Our retirement home is in the process of being built and we can't wait to move in! We both love a good meal! And, we both have a sweet tooth as well! Still, we both have to watch our weight. About a year and a half ago we joined Weight Watchers and have both lost 60 plus pounds (it is a great program). We discovered that it is close to impossible to maintain a healthy weight, while eating out too often. Soooo, we now treat ourselves with the occasional splurge of an evening out to dinner - but, for the most part we eat at home. We have both been surprised at the amount of food we can eat, as well as how good low-fat, low calorie meals can taste (not to mention the savings!)! On occasion I post a recipe that I 'created' out of the necessity of trying to eat healthier meals. I hope you benefit from my postings! If you do and/or if you have any comments or suggestions on my postings, I'd love to hear from you! Until then, God Bless and keep it healthy! Saya
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