Herb, Lemon and Garlic Dressing

"From super food ideas. Totally suitable for diabetics."
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Ready In:
2/3 cup




  • Combine yoghurt, herbs, garlic, lemon juice and salt and pepper in a screw top jar.
  • Secure lid and shake well to combine.
  • Recommended for drizzling over lamb, spinach or green salad.
  • Will keep in jar for up to 2 days in the fridge.

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  1. I looked high and low, and couldn't find plain yogurt. So, I used fat free sour cream in it's place. I added fresh chives, parsley and lemon thyme, from my garden. There was a bit of sharpness to it for some reason....probably the lemon juice, so I added 1 tbsp of honey. WOW! I'm absolutely over the moon with it. I used it as a dip for the first zucchini from the garden. Thanks Pat for a very 'inspiring' recipe. I'll try it again as written, if I ever find the yogurt. Made for Auzzie/NZ Recipe Swap #30.
  2. I really enjoyed the freedom with herb combinations that this recipe offered me. I used basil, thyme, rosemary and sage. The amount of garlic was just right for me. Although it's not as low in fat, I opted for the creamy Greek yoghurt which I always use. I'm just not prepared to use low-fat cheese or yoghurt. Just LOVED the lemon juice in this. If you want your dressing thinner, as long as you like lemon juice, I suggest that you add a bit more lemon juice. We thoroughly enjoyed this as a topping for Lavender Lynn's Recipe #266472. Made for1-2-3-4 Hit Wonders 2008. Thanks for sharing this recipe, Pat. It's one I know I'll also enjoy on salads.
  3. This has the potential for a good dressing. I think there is an awful lot of freedom in the choice of herbs, and some combinations will certainly be better than others. I went a little crazy and went out to my garden and took a little bit of everything (parsley, dill, lemon balm, chives, cilantro, basil) because I didn't have much of any one thing except for parsley and I was a bit tired of parsley. I also used 2 pressed cloves of garlic and a thick Greek yogurt. This produced a thick dip-like sauce with a real zingy bite. I think that in order to have more of a dressing-like consistency, that I need to thin it a bit with milk or buttermilk, since I always buy the Greek yogurt. I also need to experiment with combinations of herbs to find one that works for me. Thanks for the inspiration to play with this. I do want to find a good, low-cal dressing that I can make at home and enjoy. More than one such dressing, in fact.
  4. A very nice dressing, and a great recipe to keep in mind if you have an herb garden. I used tarragon, chives, basil, marjoram, and parsley. I also used Greek yogurt, which is very thick, so I thinned it with a little cream to get the consistency I wanted for a dressing. I like the tang that the yogurt gives it, very similar to buttermilk dressing. Thanks for posting!
  5. I wanted this to be 5 stars but it was just fine. I did wish to use fresh mint as one of my herbs but could not find any in the couple shops I went to. I used Balkan (thick) yogurt because that is what we prefer, fresh parsley and fresh cilantro, two small garlic cloves (this is the dominant flavour even using small cloves), freshly squeezed lemon juice, sea salt, and freshly ground black pepper. Stiring the Balkan yogurt I use makes it smooth out and thiner plus the lemon juice it was thin enough for the salad I served it on: baby spinach leaves, sliced fresh button mushrooms, etc. Working well together. Made for Went to the Market Tag Game - Winter 2010/11.


  1. A nice non fat dip or dressing (I used non fat yogurt). VERY fresh tasting with lots of zip. I used basil, chives and parlsey for the herbs. I subbed lemon pepper for the pepper with great results. I added a little Greek Seasoning as well. Used as a dipping sauce for snow peas and also as a dip for some hamburgers. Made for MAKE MY RECIPE. Thanks, Pat.


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