Ham, Pea and Parmesan Risotto

Recipe by JockysGirl
READY IN: 50mins




  • 1. Sautee onion in butter until translucent but not brown.
  • 2. Add pancetta if uncooked halfway through onion cooking (if using cooked ham or pancetta, you will add near the end).
  • 3. After pancetta is cooked, add rice and stir constantly until it soaks up the butter and pancetta drippings (about 30 seconds).
  • 4. Add white wine and let rice absorb until only a small amount of liquid is left.
  • 5. Add chicken stock about 100-200 ml at a time. Give the rice a stir and wait for it to absorb almost all the liquid before adding more. Keep stock warm if possible.
  • 6. As you add the last batch of chicken stock, add peas and let them heat in the liquid as it cooks off. If you are using cooked ham, add it now too.
  • 7. Once rice has absorbed all the liquid, add parmesan cheese and fold inches I like to add enough cheese that when you stir it, you can see the melted cheese stretch between the rice.
  • 8. Finish with lemon zest and stir in gently.
  • 9. Serve with crusty bread and salad.