Egg in the Basket

"Egg in the Basket"
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  • Cut a circle in the middle of a piece of bread.
  • If you don't have a round cookie cutter, the top of a glass will work.
  • Heat a skillet or griddle sprayed with Pam or Mazola.
  • Place the bread in the pan.
  • Put about 1/2 t butter in the hole in the bread.
  • Heat the butter until very hot.
  • Crack an egg in the hole.
  • Use a spatula to move the white around so it gets done.
  • When the egg is fairly well set, turn the bread and egg over to cook the other side, being careful not to break the yolk.
  • In the meantime, toast the holes from the bread for dipping in the yolk.
  • Oh, and salt and pepper as desired.
  • I guess you could toast the bread before you put it in the pan, but I've never tried it that way.

Questions & Replies

  1. What temp on electric stove


  1. This is a quick and easy breakfast. My mom used to bake this for her 6 kids. Sometimes we would have grape jelly on them. Other times they were drizzled with creamy white sauce, with grated cheese or not. We ate them with syrup or powdered sugar. About 3 minutes before she'd take them out, she'd sprinkle with grated cheese. These are so versatile. I make these for my kids in an upside down bagel. I butter the cut side of the bagel and put it buttered side down on the pan. After they ared baked, we then put a Tblspn of veggie cream cheese on the bagel. Oh, we serve them cut side up. They become upside down egg bagels. Thanks.
  2. This was my favorite breakfast growing up (NJ), and still is, except we call it eggy on the island. I like to use maiers Italian bread or equivalent, small square sandwich bread just doesn't cut it, and I'm not one to just have sourdough bread lieing around. I just take a shot glass to make the hole. I put butter in the pan and let bread toast on one side, and then I flip it over, add butter and egg to the hole, and so the other side toasts while egg cooks. If I don't, then I feel like the side with the egg doesn't toast well enough. Enjoy!
  3. The Cracker Barrel down the street serves this. However, they use sour dough bread instead of white bread. The key to this entire thing is to make sure you don't have any runny whites. That ruins the dish.
  4. My breakfast for years as a kid. My mom called them "Popeyes" (or Pop Eyes). Cutting the circle was like popping the eye out of the bread. It may sound weird, but we ate them with maple breakfast pancake syrup. Now my kids and grand kids are delighted to hear we will be having Popeyes for breakfast.
  5. I found this very easy to make and the instructions were very easy to follow! I didn't have any complaints from the family, and considering my fiance is the one who first told me about this recipe and has been the one to make it for us until today, he complimented me on it, which as cooks, we all know its nice to hear when someone appreciates and enjoys what you've made them! I made the eggs hard for the family, and got sidetracked making mine so the yolk was hard for me too, I will have to watch it more closely next time because I love runny yolks and found it a lot harder to eat with the yolk being hard...but that was on me, not on you. Thanks for the recipe!!


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