Ziploc Bag Omelet (Eggs in a Hurry)

"Eggs-In-A-Bag, this has got to be the easiest and tastiest way I've ever found to prepare breakfast, or even just a snack. Each person prepares their own with the particular omelet ingredients that they prefer. Recipe is for each serving."
photo by Dugyb photo by Dugyb
photo by Dugyb
photo by Dugyb photo by Dugyb
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  • Mix all ingredients well, in a sandwich size Zip-Lock plastic bag and seal.
  • Drop bag(s) into a pot of boiling water.
  • Boil for 13-15 minutes.
  • Remove and enjoy.
  • (Don't use more than 2 eggs in each bag or it won't cook as evenly).

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  1. Works great! I need to remember to use this when we have company. I'm a little leary about boiling plastic for 15 minutes though. I know it doesn't melt, but the latest "chemicals leaching out of plastic and into foods when heated" scare makes me a little hesitant to do this again. I can't find anything conclusive on this.
  2. We have made this recipe for years. First time was on a Good Sam campout. The only difference we make is we add cooked; bacon, sausage or any other cooked meat to the eggs.
  3. This makes great omlettes. We make these while camping. It's great because it makes no mess and there are NO DISHES! We usually add cooked sausage, ham or bacon along with mushrooms, jalapenos and various other fixin's! When we have more than one in the pot, we clip all the bags together with a clothes pin so keep the bags from touching the side of the pot and melting a hole into the bag. We have even used this method to heat up individual servings of lasagna or enchiladas while camping as well! It's a great versatile recipe!
  4. Just make sure to squeeze as much air out of the baggie as possible before cooking (will go a long way to prevent leaks and/or eruptions), and no more than four at a time in the pot (to maintain temperature).
  5. Polyphenols are naturally occurring anti-oxidants typically found in all plants and are generally regarded as extremely healthful and thought to decrease the risk of many cancers. There are virtually NO polyphenols present in polyethylene bags.



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