Ziploc Bag Omelets

"I know this sounds kooky- but after all where did I get this recipe but in an old tool box ! It is dated 7-2006 at the bottom. I think the idea is a good one so I wanted to share, no I have not made it YET ! You can cook for a lot of people in a short time. Just boil water instead of getting out the omelet pan! Read on ...."
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Ready In:
1 omelet




  • Bring a large pot of water on to a rolling boil.
  • Make the mixings for your omelets, each in a different bowl. YES WHAT EVER YOU WANT you do not need to stick to this recipe, because I did not intend to write a recipe just share the idea, get out what you want. Cheese, tomato, green onions, cooked breakfast meat-bacon, sausage, ham etc, hash browns, mushrooms, olives, salsa etc.
  • Give each guest a water proof marker, and a Quart size- zip lock bag.
  • Have them write there name on the bag, crack 2 eggs into bag, but not use more they will not cook right, it also says large or extra large eggs. Zip closed bag, or just be careful when mixing up the eggs.
  • Have guest mix up the eggs to scramble them. Unzip and add what ever ever they want. Now the recipe says get the air out of bag and zip closed, I'm thinking submerse bottom into a different bowl of water holding top of bag, carefully to not get water in bag. Zip closed.
  • Place each bag into a large pot of rolling boiling water, for EXACTLY 13 minutes. Take each out and wipe off water quickly, cut zip off of bag with scissors, and slide onto plate!
  • Pictures were enclosed with this recipe and it looks just too easy and good not to share. But I did not take them so I can not post them here. Sorry.

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  1. These are very good but you must use a freezer bag and not a storage bag.
  2. We used this recipe for a company cook out. Very quick way to serve a group for breakfast. Very important not to use more than 2 eggs. Fun and easy.
  3. These were really easy and fun to make. I made three omelets at the same time but one of bags started to melt. The omelets did slide out easy. I made three omelets, one was good and the other two were runny in the middle and they all three were put in the water at the exact same time. This sounded like a cool idea but it just didn't work for me. Made for Fall PAC 2008.
  4. When my daughter was in girl scouts this was a very popular recipe for the girls. Great for camping and very little clean up. They taste great too!


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