Crock Pot Texas Hash

"A very delicious, yet simple comfort food that everyone enjoys. Many, many ago, we were invited for dinner. As the hostess served this from the crock pot, I kicked my "meat and potatoes" DH under the table, knowing he was wondering "What is that???" He licked his plate clean, commented how good it was, and went back for seconds...and thirds. The 4 of us ate the entire 6 servings! On cold winter evenings, DH still requests this often. POTLUCK SUGGESTION: When "hash" is done and still very hot, spread in 9x13-inch casserole dish, top with spring onions and cheese; cover with foil or lid. Cheese will be melted by the time you arrive. You'll return with an empty dish!"
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photo by DianaEatingRichly
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Ready In:
7hrs 20mins
1 crock pot




  • Brown ground beef, breaking meat into small pieces, cooking until pink disappears from meat.
  • Pour into colander and drain.
  • Place cooked meat and all other ingredients into crock pot and stir thoroughly.
  • Cook on High for 4 hours or Low for 6-8 hours.
  • ***If you can still see individual grains of rice, keep cooking it until they disappear.
  • Sprinkle cheese and spring onions over each serving, if desired.

Questions & Replies

  1. I don't understand why this recipe for Texas Hash costs over 7 times as much as the others. I understand it has twice the meat, onions and bell pepper per serving, plus 1/2 cup cheese, but seven times the cost? Is cheddar cheese that expensive? Should wean my family off it altogether in all my beloved Texas (read home) recipes? WTD(what's the deal?)?
  2. This looks very good. Just wondering if I can use Minute Rice though?
  3. What size crockpot was used? I am single, kids grown, so I no longer need the crockpot from... Well, you know.


  1. I hash by definition should have potatoes.
  2. I didn't have any plain cans of diced tomatoes on hand so I used two cans of diced tomatoes with green chilies and omitted the chili pwd. for fear it would be too spicey for the kids. I also didn't have any green onions on hand so I diced yellow onions very fine and used them. It stilled turned out excellent.
  3. I agree with Tebo that it was a little to greasy of a texture even though I used super lean ground beef. Not sure if it's the added cheese or what. I think it was okay but would have been better with some hot sauce.
  4. This was good. I took it to a potluck and it was well received generally. I found it a bit too "smoothy greasy!!!" I really was not greasy as I used extea lean ground beef but it still had a texture that was not really to my taste. But it is good and easy to do.
  5. When we were kids and going on a trip, my Mom made this in an electric skillet. She called it Spanish Rice. I loved it back then.


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