Cheesy Garlic Crescent Rolls

"My own creative version."
photo by Pam-I-Am photo by Pam-I-Am
photo by Pam-I-Am
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  • Unroll crescent rolls in to triangles.
  • Sprinkle each crescent roll with garlic powder and shredded cheese.
  • Roll up and bake according to directions on package.
  • Serve warm.

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  1. I was going to make garlic bread to go with our dinner but used the last of my butter making the main dish. These were so quick and easy, and I had everything on hand. I had to make them with reduced fat crescent rolls and reduced fat cheddar cheese, but that was the only difference. We had them hot from the oven and they were very good. They only I will do differently next time is brush them with just a little bit of melted butter when they are done. Your recipe saved me from an unwanted trip to the store and saved my meal. Thank you!!
  2. My family and I loved these. I brushed melted margarine on the top when they were done and sprinkled parmesan cheese on top.
  3. Hubby and I loved these. I added one step that was yummy. I spread margarine on the crescent rolls, then sprinkled lightly with shredded colby/cheddar mix, and then the garlic powder. Really good and a nice change to my normal "garlic toast" that I make for a spaghetti side.
  4. Since I love to do different things with crescent rolls, I expected to LOVE these! The idea sounded simple yet tasty. I was really disappointed. For one, they need to be eaten right out of the oven or the cheese becomes one solid lump; not having any guidelines on the garlic, I probably used too much and that did leave an after taste. Sorry.
  5. Nice way to make something kinda plain into something nice. I had some leftover cheese slices to use up anyway! Gouda, Cheddar and Havarti, just in the slice and rolled up. Added some onion powder to round out the flavors. A big hit! Thanks, J9!


  1. I love love love to make these! But my new favorite thing is to use cream cheese instead of cheddar either with or without garlic salt. But beware! Don't be too anxious to bite into one of these, for you will burn your mouth on scalding hot cheese!



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