Caviar Pie

READY IN: 25hrs




  • I found my mother's copy of this recipe and have updated it for the amount of !cheap! caviar to buy. She says to buy 3 "large" jars of caviar - it seems that small jars have 2 ounces and large, 3.5. I've attached pictures of my mother's handwritten instructions.
  • Grease a 10-inch spring-form pan with a little mayonnaise.
  • Mash eggs, mayonnaise (just enough to hold eggs together), salt, and pepper together. Spread into bottom of pan.
  • Spread scallions on top of egg salad.
  • Mix cream cheese and sour cream until smooth. Spread over scallions.
  • Recipe can be prepared up to this point the day before (recommended). Place the spring-form on a paper towel on a plate (the sour cream tends to separate).
  • Spread the caviar into an aesthetic design use wax paper for masking and toothpicks to move caviar. We frequently made a diamond in the middle using 2 jars and then did the exterior area with the remaining jar. Alternatively, you could do a half-and-half pattern with four jars.
  • Serve with plain crackers such as Carr's Table Water Biscuits.