Bubble & Squeak

Recipe by Andy Mann
READY IN: 20mins
SERVES: 1-20




  • If cooking fresh just boil some potatoes,green cabbage and onion together,drain, No need to mash ingredients at all.
  • Melt some butter in a pan (I add black pepper here,salt is usually added when cooking the spuds) and brown in the butter,push it down in the pan until nicely brown on one side then turn it over or just stir it up until it's how you like it!
  • But it has to be brown!
  • If using leftover mashed potato with butter already added then no need to add more,just brown slowly to taste but don't burn it,you can even form into patties and freeze if you like to cook as and when, This is a British breakfast dish traditionally served with eggs,bacon,sausages,etc,but it's great with a thick slice of real home cured ham,a poached egg or two,and even pickles, Don't try it with any kind of instant mashed potato,it just does'nt work!
  • For a quick hash the way we Brits make it just add some cubed corned beef (Sorry,we only get the stuff in the tin) and a generous dash of Worcestershire sauce,a little soy sauce or mushroom condiment will do but there is no substitute for the real Lea&Perrins Worcestershire sauce!
  • If serving as a corned beef hash you need do nothing more than put a poached egg or two on top, (fried if you must) and serve with good strong coffee or lemon tea for a real pick me up and get up and go to work breakfast!
  • Enjoy!