A Different Kind of Omelet

Recipe by EstacyGold
READY IN: 45mins




  • Shred small red potato
  • Rinse in colander and drain on paper towels to remove as much water as possible
  • Fry in bacon grease till tender adding basil, parsley, salt and pepper when almost done, do not over cook
  • Remove from heat and set aside
  • Assemble all ingredients
  • Scramble together eggs, powdered milk, water, and pepper in a bowl till the eggs look nice and blended (they will be a sharp yellow color)
  • To a large non-stick skillet, add the butter and ½ tsp of bacon grease (you can omit this if you prefer; it gives a little added flavor to the eggs)
  • Turn to 7 or 8 on electric range (or med high)
  • When butter his hot, add the egg mixture, and coat the bottom of the pan with the egg
  • It will be thin, depending on the size of your pan, but that is the way that it should be
  • Try to keep it even as it cooks in the pan
  • When the center begins to become solid,and shiny, turn heat down to med low so as not to brown the bottom too much( a little is ok) and start layering the other ingredients on one half of the egg mixture as follows, potato mixture, mushrooms, bacon, onions, tomatoes and cheese
  • Fold other half over the ingredients carefully so as not to tear it
  • Remove from heat and cover for 2 minute Serve with buttered toast