16 Easy Sous-Vide Recipes

Go from sous-chef to executive with the handy dandy device that will cook anything and everything perfectly. Sous-vide gets the internal temperature exact, and makes cooking for a crowd a breeze.

Montreal Steak

"Really good! I cooked it sous vide, and then seared it on a grill pan. Delicious.”


Egg White & Red Pepper Sous Vide Bites

"Tired of snacking on plain boiled egg whites? Addicted to buying these scrumptious bites at The ‘Bucks? There’s nothing better than freedom. Make these tasty breakfast bites yourself."


Best Grilled Pork Chops

“I followed the recipe as written and sous-vide the meat at 135 for an hour. I patted them dry and grilled them for pure perfection. A five star, easy recipe for sure.”


Salmon With Pomegranate-Avocado Salsa

“I’ve made this very often. It’s one of my all-time favorite salmon recipes. The combination of avocado and pomegranate with the salmon is divine! I never get tired of making it.”

-Mia in Germany

Homestyle Beef Stroganoff

“This is truly awesome. There’s so much more flavor than my previous recipe. I doubled the recipe, and added some garlic and Worcestershire. The meat is so tender, and there’s so much depth of flavor, I’m amazed.”


Sous-Vide Pulled Pork

“This recipe uses the sous vide’s low temperature and long cooking time to infuse deep rosemary and bell pepper flavor into the meat. Tender and juicy pulled pork is amazingly different than pulled pork done the regular way.”


Carne Asada Marinade

“Man oh man, this was delicious! It will be my go-to marinade from now on when making Mexican cuisine. I marinated two strip steaks, cooked it in the sous-vide, and finished it off on the grill. I sliced them thin, served it in flour tortillas with cilantro, onions, avocado and other taco trimmings.”

-Chicagoland Chef du

Sous-Vide Flat Iron Steaks

“I made this last night. It was tender and perfectly cooked to a medium rare, the way I like it. I would definitely use this recipe again as far as temperature and cook time goes!”


Sous-Vide Beef Brisket Bourguignon

“I broke quite a few conventions in making this. I’m not sure if Julia Child would have approved, but I’m happy to say that my ambition paid off. The smoky brisket brought a fantastic beef flavor, and the vegetables retained their character far more than a traditional skewing would have.”

-Late Night Gourmet

Sous-Vide Pork Ribs

“I only used the dry rub as a dusting on pork ribs in a twenty hour sous vide cook. A couple of minutes to finish on the BBQ made these turn out amazing. They tasted like smoked ribs even though they aren’t!”

-Jeff S.

Sous-Vide Mango Bourbon Pulled Pork

Sous vide machines make for the most tender meat, and this stuff melts in your mouth when pairing it with such soft buns.

Sous-Vide Turkey & Dressing

“White and dark meat have different needs. This allows the turkey to be made easily with no mess, no fuss and always juicy! This year I had a small gathering, so I only cooked half the turkey and the rest awaits me in the freezer. You can choose a different profile of seasoning to your taste.”


Caramel in a Can

“Ridiculously easy caramel. No thermometers, no soft-ball stage, no hovering!”


Wild Turkey Breast

“This was too great! I found it last minute and was only able to marinate the breast for about two hours. However, it still turned out fabulous! What a simple and great way to fix wild turkey breast.”


Shakey's Famous Chicken & Mojos

“The benefit of a sous vide is the chicken inside is cooked before it hits the oil. You're really just looking at crisping the skin and breading, which can be done at higher temp for much shorter time.”

-Whats the frequency

Chicken A la King

“This was so easy to make. This is comfort food at its best. I added frozen peas and served it over biscuits. It sure beats those recipes that are using cream of chicken soup for a sauce. My husband and I are arguing over who will get the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.”