Turkey and Dressing Sous Vide (And Bonus Stock)

READY IN: 15hrs 15mins
YIELD: 1 Turkey




  • Sharpen your knife. Remove the neck and giblets from the bird. Put them in a stock pot.
  • Cut off the leg and thigh (separately or attached).
  • Cut off the back, break it up and put it in the stock pot.
  • Cut each breast off the bone. Best done with a boning knife.
  • Put any trimmings or extra parts in the stock pot. Add seasonings to taste and cover with water.
  • Boil the bits and parts.
  • Place each breast and each thigh/leg qurarter in a vacuum seal bag with olive oil, lemon slice, rosemary twigs, garlic, thyme or whatever aromatics you prefer.
  • Vacuum seal. If you don't have vacuum sealer, just use freezer bags and get as much air out as possible and seal. Put in the fridge to hold.
  • I either throw the wings in the stock pot or seal them separately.
  • When the bits are done in the stock pot, use tongs to get our all parts and giblets.
  • I dice the giblets up and add to my favorite dressing recipe alog with some of the stock.
  • Place your dressing in a vacuum eal bag (or freezer bag) and take the air out. Place it in the fridge with the turkey.
  • Pick all the meat off the bones and parts. Throw the meat back in the stock pot and throw the bones away. You now have quite a bit of soup stock to freeze or refrigerate for later.
  • Set you sous vide for 176 F and place your dark meat in for 12 hours. I do this the night before.
  • The next morning set your sousvide for 145 F and add your white meat and dressing. Let it go for 2-3 hours. 2 1/2 is what I do.
  • Your oven is free for all the other lovely things you are making.
  • When you are ready to take it all out. Place the turkey and dressing packets in a large bowl.
  • If serving right away empty the dressing into a bowl. I find it takes a bit of time before everything goes on as I will make gravy. So I put the dressing in an oven OK bowl and place it in the oven to stay hot. This way it gets a nice crust on it.
  • Empty the turkey out into the bowl with all the juices. Use the juices to make your gravy.
  • Now you have a choice -- are you serving the meat with or without the skin. If without, take the skin off and slice for serving.
  • If you want to serve it with skin either broil for 10-15 minutes or use a kitchen torch to get that lovely brown skin, then skice and serve. If you take it off, save and finish it in a skillet later for a real treat.
  • Since you used the carcass to make your stock, there is almost nothing to clean up at the end. So much easier.
  • If you have cooked this ahead of serving day, just reheat in 146F for an hour -- then finish under broiler is you want to do so.