18 Favorite Kielbasa Recipes

Looking to kick up your kielbasa game? From new flavor combinations to unique cooking techniques, we've got everything you need.

Island Kielbasa

“I made this to bring to a bible study potluck. Everyone raved about it and wanted it again!”


Barbecue Grilled Kielbasa

“I made this tonight on our BBQ and it was great! I layered the packets with potatoes on the bottom sprinkled with garlic and rosemary. I then placed kielbasa on top, sprinkled thinly sliced onions overtop and finished with grated cheddar cheese. I can’t wait to make these next time we go camping.”


Grandpa's Sauerkraut & Kielbasa

“This was really good! I followed the recipe exactly and used leftovers in the morning for breakfast with poached eggs on top. Remember to get fermented sauerkraut, not pickled!”

-Roger S.

Sweet & Sour Kielbasa Kabobs

“This turned out great! I was afraid it would taste too much like cider vinegar, but that didn’t happen at all. It was a big hit and I’ll definitely make again!”


Slow-Cooker Apple & Sauerkraut Kielbasa

"Great dinner on a cold wet Saturday! I doubled the recipe, added small new potatoes cut in half. Very easy and tasty!"


Slow-Cooker Kahuna Kielbasa

“This was awesome! I made it for a family reunion and it was the first dish gone. So delicious and simple. I cooked it in the oven while I was at work for seven hours at 325.”

-kel-Cie T

Irish Potato Kielbasa

“Potatoes, onions, tomatoes and sausage fried in olive oil to crispy perfection.”


Kielbasa Stir-Fry

“I was craving this one evening even though I had never had it before, and I decided to try it. The family declared it a winner! You can use any type of sausage you have handy.”

-Marg CaymanDesigns

Kielbasa Made Simple

“This is a quick, simple kielbasa I put together for dinner one night. I used green peppers in place of onions and it came out delicious. You can serve this with a side of pasta, but I chose potato salad and garlic bread!”


Potato Kielbasa Skillet

“My entire family loved this, and it was surprisingly easy to make. I used fresh basil and oregano, American cheese slices, colby jack shreds and skin-on red potatoes.”


Baked Kielbasa Sausage

“This is very good and super simple. The liquid in the recipe doesn’t thicken on it’s own, so I add a cornstarch slurry just before serving. Spoon over rice and it is delish!”


Grilled Kielbasa Sandwiches

"Wow! These sandwiches are so good. The vinaigrette is definitely what makes it. I used a grill pan on my stove top and it worked very well. I loved the grilled buns!"


Kielbasa With Baked Beans

“This is definitely a comfort food meal! It takes no time to put together. Very tasty!”


Tomato & Kielbasa Shortcake

“What an interestingly delicious tomato recipe. This makes a great end of summer brunch dish.”

-Chef Regina V. Smith

Three-Cheese Kielbasa Bake

“I always have some type of smoked sausage in my fridge, because it lets me get supper on the table in a hurry during the week. This recipe makes two very large casseroles. We always add way more garlic, and use spicy chipotle sausage!”


Kielbasa & Apple Pasta Bake

"This recipe has a wonderful combination of flavors that are perfect for autumn. I made it gluten free by using brown rice pasta and potato starch as a thickener in place of the flour. The apples were still firm and provided a nice contrast in texture. This was served with a tossed salad for a complete meal."


Spicy Kielbasa Pasta

“I really liked this! It was not only quick to put together, but really tasty. I added a diced onion and bell pepper, and used rigatoni pasta. It made a lot!”


Cupboard Turkey Kielbasa Cassoulet

“This was so good! I used lower-fat chicken sausages instead of kielbasa, one chipotle pepper and one regular. The spiciness was perfect. I garnished with fresh parsley!”