A Year of Fun with Nutter Butter Cookies

No matter the season, there's always a great occasion for breaking out these versatile cookies and getting creative in the kitchen.

Nutter Butter Snowmen

"This is a fun, no-bake recipe that is easy for kids to decorate."

-Kathy at Food.com

Nutter Butter Babies

"What could be cuter than these little Nutters? Everyone at the baby shower loved them, and so did my husband."


Proposal Pie

"OMG — where has this pie been all my life? I am a peanut butter fiend and this is delicious."

-Sassy in da South

Nutter Bugs

"What a clever idea! I've never been so happy to have bugs on the kitchen counter."

-Kathy at Food.com

Easter Bunnies

"These bunnies were so cute, I knew I have to give them a try."

-Kathy at Food.com

Easter Chicks

"If you make this cute recipe using white chocolate, be sure to add powdered food coloring, found in the cake decorating aisle."


Mother’s Day Slippers

"I made these for my mother this year and everyone loved them! I substituted almond butter for the peanut butter."

-N.C. Peaches

Ice Cream Cones

"These adorable little ice cream cones are really fun to make."

-Kathy at Food.com

Nutter Butter Puppy Dogs

Make these precious puppies for a dog-lover's birthday, or for National Dog Day in August.

Nutter Butter Acorns

Use Nutter Butter Bites to make these seasonal, adorable acorns all through autumn.

Monster Toes

"These are creepy and fun for Halloween. I used black gumdrops sliced in half for toenails."

-Kathy at Food.com

Ghost Cookies

"I've been making these every year for Halloween since our kids were little. Lay them on sheets of waxed paper to make cleanup easy."


Nutter Butter Turkeys

Colorful candy melts are the secret to this turkey's fantastic feathers.

Candy Cookie Turkeys

"These are so adorable, and they're fun and easy for the kids to help out with in the kitchen."

-Chef #353256

Nutty Turkeys

"There's a Nutter Butter marathon going on at my house this fall. These make a great project for preschool kids."

-Kathy at Food.com

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Cookies

"I had fun doing this with the grandkids over the holidays. It's a cooking activity that the little ones can fully participate in."


Santa Cookies

"I've been making these for my Christmas cookie tray for years now — they are SO cute. They taste good and they're very easy too."