Nutter Butter Babies (Baby Shower)

"Next time you throw a baby shower, you have to make these adorable little gems. I made them in pink and blue, but neutral colors like green and yellow would work."
photo by MSippigirl photo by MSippigirl
photo by MSippigirl
photo by MSippigirl photo by MSippigirl
photo by MSippigirl photo by MSippigirl
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Ready In:
16 Babies


  • 4 ounces pink candy melts (I used white candy melts with pink food coloring)
  • 4 ounces blue candy melts
  • 16 round white chocolate candy melts, unmelted (faces)
  • black decorating gel (and a fine-tipped paint brush)
  • 16 Nutter Butter sandwich cookies
  • wax paper


  • In a small dish, microwave (50% power) the pink candy melts. Don't over cook. If you do, add a small bit of vegetable shortening.
  • Pink Babies: Dip 8 Nutter Butter cookies into the pink candy, the place on wax paper to set up. Before the candy shell hardens, press a round white candy melt into the upper section of the cookie, creating the baby's face. Allow to harden.
  • Blue Babies: Repeat the above directions. Allow to harden.
  • When the candy coating has hardened, squirt a little bit of black decorating gel onto the wax paper. Using a fine-tipped paint brush, draw the baby's eyes, nose, and mouth on the white candy melt. You can also create those features by piping icing, but I find it easier to draw them.
  • Allow to harden, then serve.

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  1. Super cute cookies!! On my first batch, I trimmed off the pointy tips of the wafers to be used for faces (so they would lay flat) then painted all of them before I started dipping. And, I only dipped one side of the cookies. On the second batch, I decided to use the pointy side of wafers, using the little nub as the nose. Even went a little crazy with the "paint" on a few of them, adding some nostrils and hair!! Thanks for sharing such a fun idea for a baby shower. Will try to upload my photos. :)
  2. What is cuter than these little nutters? Everyone at the shower loved them, and so did my husband! Thanks for a sweet shower recipe.
  3. Maybe my candy melts were old or defective. I couldn't get them to melt to the point of being able to "dunk" the cookies. I had to use a spoon and spread it on. Coated them halfway because I was too discouraged to use the white melts for faces so just dotted eyes on with black decorating gel. Baby shower tomorrow, too late for do over.
  4. Hi Kathy, I'm Breanne from Disney's We'd love to use your Nutter Butter Babies on our site for a piece on baby shower food ideas. Can you confirm that you are the owner of the image? Additionally, do we have your permission to share your image on all of our platforms ( and our social pages including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest) as well as with our partners? We’ll be sure to inlcude a link to your blog and can credit you however you wish. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you!
  5. Super fun and fairly easy! I needed some awesome cookies for a baby boy shower. I mixed the white candy melts with the royal blue (two blue to one white). Altogether I used 20 white and 40 royal blue to coat 1 - 16oz package of Nutter Butters. I also bought bright white for the face, shaved off the melting nub off the top to let it lay flatter. And lastly, I only coated the top of each as the one I did totally coated/dunked seemed a little much. They taste great though, I was surprised. I will definitely not be scared to do this again and now I am familiar with candy melts, who knows what might happen! I'll try to upload a pic. Thanks for the timely and cute recipe!



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