Nutter Butter Babies (Baby Shower)

Recipe by Kathy
READY IN: 40mins
YIELD: 16 Babies


  • 4
    ounces pink candy melts (I used white candy melts with pink food coloring)
  • 4
    ounces blue candy melts
  • 16
    round white chocolate candy melts, unmelted (faces)
  • black decorating gel (and a fine-tipped paint brush)
  • 16
    Nutter Butter sandwich cookies
  • wax paper


  • In a small dish, microwave (50% power) the pink candy melts. Don't over cook. If you do, add a small bit of vegetable shortening.
  • Pink Babies: Dip 8 Nutter Butter cookies into the pink candy, the place on wax paper to set up. Before the candy shell hardens, press a round white candy melt into the upper section of the cookie, creating the baby's face. Allow to harden.
  • Blue Babies: Repeat the above directions. Allow to harden.
  • When the candy coating has hardened, squirt a little bit of black decorating gel onto the wax paper. Using a fine-tipped paint brush, draw the baby's eyes, nose, and mouth on the white candy melt. You can also create those features by piping icing, but I find it easier to draw them.
  • Allow to harden, then serve.