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This is almost how I make ours. I do use Chinese wine. I don’t measure. But pretty sure I triple the marinade. I do not add salt. I only add honey. I also add green onion to the marinade. I let it sit overnight in the fridge. That said? Yum! I first had this when I was 3. And it was the only thing I ever ordered as a kid. Lots of hot Chinese hot mustard, hot sauce & toasted sesame seeds! I was a happy kid lol. I’ve been addicted since. I only serve it cold or room temperature. It’s how I remember it.
Are you supposed to dilute the cans of lemonade and orange juice as directed on the cans? Or do you add it concentrated? I've seen this recipe in a few other places and it says to dilute it. I'm confused because it says this recipe makes one pitcher but if you add up the ingredients, even undiluted. It makes 17 cups or 4.2 litres. That's not going to fit into a pitcher. And if you dilute it as other recipes say you'll have 32 cups which definitely doesn't fit into a pitcher.
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43 Aphrodisiac Valentine's Day Recipes
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