Tempeh Fajitas

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Total Time
15 mins
5 mins

You can also prepare these in a skillet. This recipe is from "Cooking Light Magazine". The tempeh needs to be marinated for at least 30 minutes (longer is better).

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  1. Cut tempeh in half crosswise; cut each half lengthwise into 6 strips. Place tempeh in a shallow dish. Combine pineapple juice, soy sauce, lime juice, cumin, oil, 1/4 teaspoon black pepper, and garlic in a small saucepan; bring to a boil. Pour pineapple juice mixture over tempeh. Marinate at room temperature 30 minutes or up to 2 hours.
  2. Prepare grill.
  3. Lightly coat onion and bell pepper with cooking spray; sprinkle with salt and 1/4 teaspoon black pepper. Arrange onion mixture in a wire grilling basket coated with cooking spray. Place grilling basket on grill rack; grill 5 minutes or until lightly browned, turning occasionally. Remove the tempeh from marinade, reserving marinade. Place tempeh on grill rack coated with cooking spray; grill 2 minutes on each side or until lightly browned, basting occasionally with reserved marinade.
  4. Warm tortillas according to package directions. Arrange 3 tempeh pieces, 1/2 cup onion mixture, and 1 tablespoon salsa down center of each tortilla; roll up.
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Awesome recipe! The flavors were amazing. Finally a way to make tempeh more interesting :)
I didn't have pineapple juice handy so just used fresh pineapple chunks and added some hotsauce (I like it spicy). Its great over a salad as well instead of tortillas.
Thank you!

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This recipe is PERFECT! Wow, what great flavor from the pineapple, soy sauce & lime. Does take awhile to make because of letting it sit up to 2 hours to marinate, but overall was very easy to prepare. The 5-grain tempeh that I used was nice and hearty and absorbed the flavors nicely. Thanks for an awesome recipe!

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My BH and I love this recipe - and he was once a self-proclaimed vegan-food hater! We both like a little spice in anything that can use it - and so for this recipe we add about 3/4 - 1 TBSP of chili powder. I've also used 1/2 cup fresh squeezed orange when I don't have pineapple juice handy and it's turned out great each time. Thanks blucoat!