Southern Sauteed Chicken Livers

READY IN: 36mins
Recipe by KerfuffleUponWincle

I get hungry for chicken livers once or twice a year, and I like the flavor of them sauteed in bacon grease! Saute them in whatever you prefer!

Top Review by KateL

Fantastic, should we have a secret handshake? It was gently seasoned, I enjoyed the bacon flavor (next time, I might plan to make bacon for breakfast and share, but this time I cooked 5 slices of bacon in my small sauté pan, and snacked on the cooked bacon while I cooked the rest of our dinner). Because the bacon grease was hot enough and I had only 1 coating of flour seasoning, there was just a thin coating, not a fat-flour extravaganza. I made 1/2 recipe, as DH doesn't share my craving. It was the right amount of seasoning mix. This seemed like the healthiest way to get my chicken liver fix. Made for Rookie Recipe Tag.

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  1. Rinse chicken livers and drain well.
  2. Combine flour, salt, paprika, cayenne, black pepper, and thyme in a zip lock bag ~ add drained chicken livers and toss about gently until livers are covered with flour mixture.
  3. Heat bacon grease (or other fat) over medium-high heat, in a large iron skillet, until HOT.
  4. Gently add livers to hot grease and saute for 3-4 minutes, then turn and saute the other side for about the same time.
  5. DO NOT OVERCOOK LIVERS ~ they should be pink inside, but not oozing blood.
  6. Remove livers from pan and drain on paper towels.
  7. The pan drippings make great milk gravy!
  8. Don't forget the biscuits!

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