Sexy Mama Jenns Island Coconut Rice

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Recipe by joseph.kasowski

Coconut rice mixed with fresh pineapple, mangoes, cilantro. I told my room mates I would cook for them. My intention was to make them coconut rice with jerk chicken. One thing became another and soon I was just throwing stuff in to see how it would all turn out. As far as I know this is an original recipe and it's my first post on here so it gets named after my hotty. Hope you enjoy it and please tell me how you tweak it. I was thinking of throwing some crushed red pepper in there or Jalapeño seeds.

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  1. Gather your rice, coconut milk, water. Get a big enough sauce pan to throw all of this into to.
  2. Set your oven to high and mix in the coconut milk and water. Keep on high until water/coconut milk mix comes to a roaring boil.
  3. Put your rice, salt, and sugar in and bring heat down to a low simmer, cover the sauce pan. Most covers have a small hole in them, but if yours doesn't just leave a small crack for steam to escape.
  4. (Here's a nice trick I use to ensure I am using the right ratio of liquid to rice. I measure my rice in the same thing my liquids come from. So when i buy a 14 oz can of coconut milk, instead of discarding the can I use it to measure my rice inches I do just under a 2/1 ratio of liquid to rice. It seems to come out perfectly this way. Ensure that you stir it once in a while so it does not stick).
  5. While you have your coconut rice simmering start cutting your cilantro, mango, and pineapple bits. I love cilantro, so I tend to put to much in -- it taste great in this and really sets off the fruit. The pineapple and mango are to taste. Put as much or as little in as you want.
  6. Once your rice is almost done cooking start adding the cilantro. Let the flavor seep into the rice, then warm up your pineapple and mangoes by adding them in also. There really is no way to tell you how long you need to cook the rice just keep an eye on it and don't forget to stir it once in a while.
  7. To top it off I put some fresh ground pepper on mine. Very tasty ENJOY!

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