Ras el Hanout Spice Mix

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5 mins
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Ras el hanout is a North African Spice and it's name translates loosely to "House Blend". It can contain as many as 50 ingredients including rosebuds and Spanish fly. This is a simple mix I'm submitting here. I've been lucky to be given some, but I'll be posting recipes using it, so thought others might like this recipe.It's apparently good for poultry, rabbit, pork, seafood eggs, vegetables, soups, tagines, braises, sautes, roasts, pastas, risotto and cooked pulses, It can also be mixed with flour to dust or coat food!!!

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  1. Mix together, and store in an airtight jar.
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I really like this spice mix, have given it a good go, made a Moraccan Chicken, recipe I have posted, also rubbed some on a piece of slamon, and it turned out great. I can see I will use this mixture quite a lot, even in my curries.

"Ras al hanout" means: "head of the shop"... but this particular recipe is too salty, spicy and even a bit bitter for my taste. I've been cooking with this spices almost all my life. may be a good option for some, but certainly not the traditional blend.

OMG! This is so different to the Ras I know! VERY salty and too much heat. I tipped it out - sorry.