Pressure Cooker Sweet 'n Sour Chicken

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 15 mins

Not sure where I got this recipe. It may have come from one of my cookbooks, or I might have found it on line somewhere (possibly Fagor's or Presto's website). Note: 8 minute cooking time does not include the browning time.

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  1. Heat oil in a 4 or 6-quart pressure cooker.
  2. Brown chicken a few pieces at a time; set aside.
  3. Return all chicken to pressure cooker; add celery and green pepper.
  4. Combine pineapple juice, brown sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and ginger; pour over chicken.
  5. Close pressure cooker cover securely.
  6. Place pressure regulator on vent pipe.
  7. Cook for 8 minutes, at 15 pounds pressure, with regulator rocking slowly.
  8. Cool pressure cooker at once (cold water method).
  9. Remove chicken and vegetables to a warm platter.
  10. Mix cornstarch with cold water; blend into hot liquid.
  11. Cook and stir until mixture boils and thickens.
  12. Add pineapple chunks and heat.
  13. Pour sauce over chicken.
  14. Serve with rice.
Most Helpful

I am new to pressure cooking and this was the first time I cooked chicken in the pressure cooker. The dish turned out great and was very easy to make. I added some chilli flakes for heat (my personal taste). Thank you for the recipe. I will make this again.

Ivana* December 10, 2010

Good recipe. Easy to make, and quick. I liked it, dh thought it was ok, and two out of three kids ate it. I will make it again, but probably not too often. I was hesitant about a half cup of vinegar, but I followed the recipe to a "T" and it came out exactly like a restaurant. Next time I will make with coconut rice as another reviewer suggested. Sounds great.

Shu Shu April 14, 2010

A great recipe!! I grilled chicken breast and subbed sucanet brown sweetener for the brown sugar and a little agave nectar to the sauce at the end. Served it over brown and white rice and some red pepper flakes and it is so good!!

Wagirl September 11, 2009