Total Time
1hr 20mins
Prep 20 mins
Cook 1 hr

In rural Ohio, rivel soup is a treasured home-style soup and everybody has their own version. This recipe is from my mother. You can add left over mashed potatoes after you have cooked the rivels in the onions and celery for extra potato flavor.

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  1. Cook potatoes, onions, celery, salt, dash pepper in 2 cups of water in stockpot. Cover and cook until potatoes are easily pierced with tip of knife.
  2. To make rivels: beat egg and salt with fork in medium bowl. Add flour all at once and beat until small pebbles form. Use your fingers to break apart if necessary. If you have flour that did not incorporate into the egg, then just add it with the rivels as it will help thicken the soup.
  3. Add uncooked rivels slowly, adding water if necessary, stirring constantly, approximately five minutes until tender. Add whole milk and crisp bacon and bacon grease. Add evaporated milk and simmer until flavors are well blended.
Most Helpful

Tastes great but a BIG Negative on the Bacon Grease! Too much Sodium causes High Blood Pressure which I "had" and since I've been watching my sodium intake, etc it has went down. :) So no need for nasty bacon grease so leave that out. I don't use regular salt but instead smidge of Himalayan Salt and maybe a slice or 2 of Low Sodium Bacon "On the side crumbled." Not something I will make on the regular. Maybe 2 times a year bc I did Love It! O_O

ILELECTRIC March 03, 2013

This soup has a really good flavor, but I had problems with the rivel's. I couldn't make them no matter how hard I tried. I never got anything pebble like. I tried twice. I even cut down the flour to 1/2 cup and I still got this big lump of stuff. So..I blame that part on me. I ended up thickening it up and eating it without and as a potato's got great simple flavor that I really enjoyed! I'm going to try this again when I'm not having a brain fart.

RHIANNA T. July 09, 2007

My family loves soup - even in the summertime - and this one was a winner in my house. This soup has great, rich, creamy flavor. I did add a little more bacon because my DH and two DS are meat and potato type of guys. Made for ZWT3 2007.

Lainey6605 July 01, 2007