Popcorn for Breakfast!?!

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is another recipe I just remembered, and I tried it from a Sesame Street cookbook I used to own. I don't remember the actual name of the cookbook. I don't remember the ingredient amounts anymore, but do remember what the ingredients were. This works best with air-popped popcorn or popcorn popped in a pan with just a bit of canola oil. I have no idea how this would taste with soy milk, but back then I didn't have to worry about IBS. I used 1% milk and ate this just like cereal. It was yummy. This would be a fun breakfast treat for kids now and then. Hope you enjoy it! Estimated to serve one child. ETA: This probably will turn soggy fast, but I don't know how to prevent it. Maybe using less milk will help, but I'm not sure.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 -1 12 cup freshly popped popcorn (air-popped or stove-popped with a small amount of oil, and very lightly salted if desired)
  • 14 cup milk


  1. Add freshly popped popcorn to a cereal bowl.
  2. Pour over milk. Eat like cereal! Yum!


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I have been enjoying this for years as comfort food (hangover remedy). Never thought there was a recipe or if anyone else even knew about it. One tip is have a big glass of cold milk and spoon. Just drop popcorn handful at a time into milk and eat with spoon when it's desired soaking is complete!

Joan C. April 07, 2015

This was pretty good! Because of the other review I started out with a small bowl of popcorn (mini bag of kettle corn actually), and left the rest in the bag and had some milk in a small cup. I poured a little bit of milk over the popcorn, and instantly it started soaking it up (looks kinda cool lol) but was mostly still crunchy. I repeated this for a little while, but then realized I actually prefer the mushy popcorn so I dumped the rest of the bag and the rest of the milk in. When its mushy, it tastes more like a cereal to me... because otherwise its really just eating popcorn! I think this is a neat idea, and I was accually able to eat a whole mini bag, which I usually can't because it hurts my teeth. Thanks for the recipe!

Michelle_My_Belle June 29, 2008

We don't like to give low ratings for reviews, but we dislike being dishonest even moreso. We made this exactly as directed and all we got (very quickly after adding the milk) was soggy popcorn. Perhaps better might be to toss the popcorn with some powdered milk and confectioner's sugar? Sorry, but we won't be making this again.

2Bleu June 15, 2008

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