Picnic-Style Focaccia Sandwiches from the Ol' Farmhouse

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READY IN: 15mins
Recipe by Debber

Here's a great way to use my Focaccia Bread With Three Topping Choices or any focaccia bread recipe AND fill up a hungry crowd...and it's SO easy! Vary the filling ingredients to suit your tastebuds or what you have on hand in your fridge. OR let your guest make their own sammies so everyone gets exactly what they like and has fun doing it, too! Thanks to Taste of Home's "Holiday" booklet for the inspiration.

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  1. In a small bowl, mix Spread ingredients; set aside.
  2. To slice the focaccia bread, lay it on your work surface, then with your longest bread cutting knife, place one hand on the top of the bread and with the other, slice horizontally. Having your hand on the top, somehow makes it easier to cut evenly, you'll see!
  3. Spread HALF of mayo-mixture over the bottom half of the bread.
  4. Layer with the remaining ingredients in the order given, overlapping the lettuce and meats to make a nice blanket.
  5. Spread remaining Mayo Mixture on remaining portion of bread, then place bread on the stack.
  6. Cut bread on the diagonal to make wedges or diamond shapes--large for a little sammie or smaller to make one- or two-bite appetizers!
  7. ALTERNATIVE INGREDIENTS: Instead of mayo = salad dressing or "salad dressing" like Ranch, Bleu Cheese, your favorite.
  8. Instead of the ham, turkey or salami, use your favorite sandwich filling (chicken, tuna, crab, ham salad).
  9. Replace the olive oil with balsamic vinegar for a real kick!
  10. Add a squirt or two of your favorite mustard! Oooh! There's yellow, Dijon, Dusseldorf, honey--any of which may be YOUR thing!
  11. Instead of romaine, try spinach or other lettuces, even Swiss chard or fresh basil leaves!
  12. How about a bit of avocado or hard-boiled eggies for one of the meat layers?
  13. Instead of fresh red pepper, you might try drained, roasted sweet red pepper slices.
  14. Cheese? There's cheddar, Co-Jack, Monterrey Jack, mozzarella, bleu, feta. Oh my--the dairy farmers will LOVE you!

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