Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 10 mins

Been using this recipe for many years. It came from one of McCalls oldest cookbooks. ALWAYS use real maple syrup.

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Preheat griddle so that a drop of water beads when dropped on it.
  2. Combine dry ingredients.
  3. Combine wet ingredients and beat well. (Do this quickly as the butter will tend to set up when it hits the cold milk).
  4. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients.
  5. Mix but not too much. Batter will be slightly lumpy.
  6. Drop a couple tablespoons for each pancake onto hot griddle and cook until bubbles appear in batter and bottom is golden brown.
  7. Serve with real butter and real maple syrup.


Most Helpful

SOOOOO good! I've always made 'em and grew up eating them from the Krusteez mix. These are fantastic and everyone loved 'em!!!! March 15, 2011

Just made these for breakfast this morning and what an absolute treat! Flap Jacks just like Mom made! I think I'm hooked!

Classy Gal April 26, 2007

Very good and you know what's in them! Simple and quick. Way better than store-brought frozen pancakes that are exactly the same in every way each and every time. Boring. Just like Ma used to make. Scoop out the batter on a hot pan and wait for the bubbles then flip for a minute. Any dope can make these wonderful little guys! I prove it every time I make them. You can freeze them in a stack because they break apart. Easier if there's a piece of wax paper every third cake or so. Microwave 3 cake stack on high for a minute. These will still be waaay better frozen than store-bought. Try them a couple times and it gets easier. I'm lazy and hate fussy cooking in the morning (omelets, potatoes, timed right so nothing's cold like toast always seems to be). But a few dirty dishes to mix pancake batter is worth it. Never buy pancakes again. Kids and house guests like the whole thing too. I mean, who makes pancakes from scratch anymore? Quick, little messy, smells good, fun. Serve with sausage and OJ. mmmm

DendoBendo November 02, 2012

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