***** Chewy English Flapjack *****

"This recipe is for a tradional english cake/dessert/snack. everyone in my family loves this recipe, though its so old i cant remember where it came from. we all love it because its such a sweet, gooey, rich comfort food! its so easy to make, why not try it out? there are variations in this recipe, so you can try out the different optional ingredients, or even a combination of them!"
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  • Put the butter, sugar, and syrup in a saucepan, and stir ir over a medium heat until the butter has melted.
  • put the melted mixture into a miXing bowl, and add the porridge oats and any optional ingredients you want to add.
  • put the mixture in a papered tin, flattening the mixture with the back of a spoon.
  • bake the flapjack in the oven at about 180c for around 30 minutes, or until the flapjack has browned.
  • note: if you are using raisons in your recipe, you might like to cook the flapjack for a shorter time, or for a longer time at a lower temperature, because raisins can burn and expand with the heat.
  • once you take the flapjack out, you should cut it before it cools completely because it will harden.
  • if youre impatient, eat some warm (if you havent already!) but flapjack is just as delicious chilled.
  • ***** if youre a chocaholic, i would recommend that when the flapjack has cooled completely, you melt a black of chocolate and pour it over, and wait for it to set. *****.

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  1. eng1154
    It always makes me wonder when after a lot of good reviews and then bad that it might not be the recipe that is at fault! Loved this, perfect :)
  2. Michella K.
    flapjacks are a british and scottish treat, should be using scots porrige oats (amazon) as the quaker are too big. should use tate and lyles golden syrup (not corn syrup) once you change ingredients or add things like nuts, dried druit, your making a power bar, not a flapjack. this recipe is as close as you get to a flapjack.
  3. rohit j.
    Thank you so much! Excellent recipe. I used cranberries and topped with dark chocolate. When made in a slightly larger tray the flapjacks almost gain a Florentine like feel. Family and work colleagues can't get enough! Once again thank you so much!
  4. davidjmcleod
    Most authentic recipe I've found. Have tinkered with several batches, and found my best results come from using half brown sugar/ half turbinado sugar (or raw sugar) in the recipe.
  5. tracy.lock392
    Has any on tryed mars chopped up and mixed into the oats etc,very goofy nice servers warm with Ice cream.


  1. rudgard.nigel
    I added 2oz top quality chocolate chips. Use for making hot chocolate and 2oz raisins and baked for 25 mins. ??
  2. rohit j.
    Place in a slightly larger tray than needed. The flapjacks thin out and gain a different feel.


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