Low-Carb Low-Cal Low-Fat Frosty Pudding Treat

Total Time
40 mins
0 mins

This was passed onto me by the trainer at my gym. It was meant to solve my cravings for frozen yogurt...it did!

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  1. Prepare pudding with milk as directed on box.
  2. Gently fold in Cool Whip.
  3. Place into 4 individual serving dishes and freeze for about 30 minutes.
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Low-calorie and low-fat I can see, but sugar free does not equal low-carb. Pudding companies lower the fat content by replacing it with cornstarch which is very high in carbs, and significantly raises the glycemic impact of this dessert. Low-fat dieters--enjoy! Low-carb dieters--beware! This dessert WILL raise your insulin, taking you out of the lipolysis/ketosis (fat-loss) you're working so hard towards!

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Wow Karen, this was really tasty for being fat free! I used fat free cool whip. I put some in the freezer but I didn't care for the icy texture, I stuck it back in the fridge to thaw and it went back to it's original creamy state lol..it really satisfies the dessert cravings. Thanks K!

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Fantastic way to have your pudding and diet too. Great chocolate ice cream substitute when made with fat free topping. The calorie count is half that of ice cream and the fat content is, of course, nonexistent. The texture is icy when totally frozen, but that tends to slow the eating down, which is always a good thing. You can always microwave a serving for 30 seconds to thaw it a bit.