Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 30 mins

My MIL gave me this recipe, she got it from her SIL, it is delicious. She makes it for all our family get togethers.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 510.29 g box chocolate cake mix
  • 3 eggs (or as called for by your cake mix)
  • 78.07 ml oil (or as called for by your cake mix)
  • 314.66 ml water (or as called for by your cake mix)
  • 2 (198.44 g) box instant chocolate pudding mix
  • 340.19 g container Cool Whip
  • 118.29 ml Kahlua


  1. Preheat oven to 350F and lightly grease/flour 2 8" cake pans.
  2. Prepare mix as directed.
  3. Bake cake in prepared pans.
  4. Cool.
  5. Mix pudding according to directions, except use, 3 cups milk, and 1/2 cup Kahlua.
  6. In a large deep bowl (I have a special glass bowl that is flat on the bottom that I use) place one half of cake.
  7. Pour half of pudding over cake.
  8. Top with half of Cool Whip.
  9. Then add second cake and top with pudding and Cool Whip.
  10. Cover with plastic wrap and keep in refrigerator.
Most Helpful

My mom used to make this and it's absolutely wonderful. She adds layers of crushed Heath Bars and it adds a nice contrast of texture and flavor!!!

ibeedug April 05, 2010

Anyone that knows me knows that I don't drink but when it comes to cooking....well.... I loved this! It was simple to prepare and,I think,turned out very pretty. I cubed the cakes so that they would fit into my trifle dish. I also tinted the Cool Whip in Fall orange that Aunt Paula sent to me. I can't wait to make this again to take to a party! Thanks so much for posting!! :)

mydesigirl September 24, 2007

This is a very good cake! It really looks festive when you put it in a glass bowl. I used a Swiss Chocolate cake mix because this is what I had in the cabinet and borrowed some kahlua from the neighbors! I carried them half of the cake and needless to say they were glad to reap the benefits of giving me the kahlua! They have offered me their kahlua any time I want to make this cake! Thanks Aunt Paula! Pick a Chef 2004!!!

Bobtail June 01, 2004