How to Rise Yeast Dough in a Cool or Drafty Kitchen

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

This works great all year round!


  1. Make your dough, put in a greased bowl and flip, to coat both sides. Cover dough with a clean damp dish cloth.
  2. Fill a large glass measuring cup half way with water. Heat in microwave until water just comes to a boil and steams up the microwave.
  3. Quickly open the door and put the dough bowl in with the water. Close the door before all the steam escapes.
Most Helpful

I couldn't try this as my micro is to small to hold both a measuring cup of water and a bowl of dough. So I brought a 2 qt pan of water to a boil, put it in the oven, on the bottom shelf, then put my bowl of dough on the shelf above. Worked like a dream. Thanks for the idea.

L DJ January 22, 2008

I do this, too, only I put my bowl in my regular oven with a cup of very hot water. I also leave the oven's light on, which generates just a little heat. Works like a charm! If I have food in the oven and can't use it, I've also put my covered bowl on top of a heating pad set on its lowest setting.

Gardenwife January 20, 2010

Your idea to rise the yeast sounds good. I'll try on my next batch of "Peasant Bread". The receipe I used said to let the dough rise until doubled. I eyeballed it and it looked to be doubled, but when it came out of the oven, it was more like ciabatta bread. I'd like to raise the height a little, so I'm looking for advice. Do I add a little more yeast ? More sugar ? Longer rising time ? Appreciate any advice. Thanks

dkcopland November 23, 2014