Ham & Egg Under a Blanket

Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 8 mins

An informal dish when it is just you on the weekend.

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  1. Preheat oven or toaster oven to 400*F (205*C).
  2. Poach egg in simmering water.
  3. While egg is cooking, toast and butter bread. Put ham slice on toast and warm in oven.
  4. When egg is cooked, place on ham and sprinkle with cheese to cover.
  5. Put in oven to melt cheese.
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Great light dinner. I subbed multi-grain English muffin and used deli sliced Black Forest ham and sliced havarti. Will be making this again.

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I made this recipe on 5/3/12 for the " Down On The Farm " Event in the Food Photo Forum. Due to my tastes and what was on hand a few changes were made and they are as follows, instead of using a poached egg, a fried one was used. Second change, I used two very thin slices of breakfast ham that was sliced into strips. Third and last change, colby jack cheese was used instead of one of the suggested cheeses. And like Chocolatl, I think I will undercook the egg a bit next time. And I agree, it was a very good sandwich. Thanks for posting and, " Keep Smiling :) "

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I used shredded Mexican cheese and English muffin bread, but I think I'd have liked it better with an actual muffin. LOL I'll have to remember to undercook the egg a little more next time. It's a very good sandwich. Thanks for posting!