Greek-Style Feta and Olive Spread (For Burgers, Steaks and Fish)

Total Time
Prep 5 hrs
Cook 0 mins

This spread is so good on grilled steaks, pork and turkey burgers, I use it all the time topped on my salmon patties (Kittencal's Salmon Cakes/Patties) in between a bun. You can use it on just about anything! All the ingredients should be adjusted to taste. Plan ahead this needs to chill for a minimum of 5 hours, overnight is even better, this get stronger with chilling time, so be careful with the fresh garlic, it can be too overpowering in this spread if you make the mistake of adding in to much while making it... start with adding in a small amount and chill for about 3 hours if you feel that you want more garlic flavor then mix in more. You can add in salt, but the feta and olives are very salty.

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  1. Using a food processor, coarsely chop the pitted olives, then add in the mayo, garlic, oregano and feta; process until desired consistency.
  2. Add in lemon juice and black pepper to taste, then process again for a couple of seconds.
  3. Cover and chill a minimum of about 5 hours or overnight.
Most Helpful

this spread was great, very storng flavoured, suitable between burger with bologna or ham. The garlic in this wass a bit strong for u, so I used smaller amount of that.

hedi777 February 20, 2010

Perfect spread! Made this recipe as is and it was delicious!!! Can't wait to make it again! Used it instead of mayo in a sandwich and it added so much flavour! Thanks Kit! :)

Redsie June 25, 2007

Enjoyed this for lunch today with a slice of meatloaf and some cucumber slices. Yummy! A wonderful blend of flavours! I chilled this overnight. I used black rather than cayenne pepper (personal taste preference) and just the two teaspoons of garlic suggested. I wasn't tempted to change anything in this recipe, and I shall happily make it exactly the same next time. Thanks KITTENCAL!

bluemoon downunder April 26, 2006