Garlic Prawn Pasta

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READY IN: 20mins
Recipe by Dipps

Months of trial and error have created the best ! Pasta ! Ever ! For lovers of garlic.

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  1. Prep. For pasta, I like egg pasta, thick like fettucini, fresh is nice --
  2. The anchovy fillets get chopped as finely as possible (or even mashed).
  3. 100gr ham chopped finely (~3 mm x 3 mm) (not honey ham or processed 'spam' etc).
  4. 1/2 a leek chopped into 2mm slices or rings.
  5. 125 g green garlic prawns.
  6. 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic (or a full teaspoon if using plain prawns).
  7. 1 250g package of San Remo fresh pasta sauce (white). If you can't get this, find a thick decadent sauce with fresh cream.
  8. If the prawns are frozen, be sure to thaw them as if you cook them frozen, they will probably be over or undercooked.
  9. Put a BIG pot of water with plenty of salt on to boil.
  10. Meanwhile, in a (pref thick based) pan, heat up either a splash of olive oil or a dash out of the anchovy bottle (better).
  11. Fry up the anchovy mash, leek and ham for 5 mins or so at a lowish heat until the leek is cooked and the mix colours up a bit.
  12. Stir in the white sauce and just let it go along at low heat.
  13. That's it for the sauce for the moment.
  14. Put the pasta in to cook and about 4 mins before it is done (how long that takes will vary a lot depending on fresh vs dried, thickness, etc) throw the prawn in to the sauce and continue to cook them slowly.
  15. When done, pasta on plate (with a *little* bit of the pot water), sauce on top. Dash on some cracked black pepper and parmesan and prepare yourself for the adulation of your loved one.

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