Fish Marinade for People Who Hate Fish

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

My husband and I love fish and buy it frequently. Sometimes, we end up getting a more fishy fish than we like and hate to throw it away. So, this is something we've come up with to marinate the fish with to make it totally yummy, despite the funky-fish-flavor factor. :D My step-daughter hates fish and has always refused to eat it. She tried a piece of Tilapia marinated in this and said it was honestly good. That's saying a lot if she ate it! Hope you find this as useful as we do. It's great on a nice piece of fish OR for use on that older fish you found in the freezer that you thought you'd have to throw out because it's so, shall we say, reminiscent of the sea? ;) We always bake the fish in a glass dish with the marinade poured over it. Let me know what you think.

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  1. Whisk all ingredients together and pour over whichever fish you choose. I put the fish and marinade in a Ziplock and store it in the fridge.
  2. Leave to marinate for one hour.
  3. Cook fish however you prefer but baking is great.


Most Helpful

This was OK for us. I used talipa and let it marinate for about two hours. I then cooked it in a pan on the grill. This wasn't bad but it just wasn't for us. I followed the recipe exactly as written.

bmcnichol May 25, 2012

I do not normally eat fish! My husband loves it, so I decided to try this recipe. I think I had thirds! It was really delicious!

lindsanne84 May 22, 2012

Thanks so much for this recipe! I really do hate fish, but I force myself to eat it, and my husband is very picky about what kind of fish he'll eat as well, so I was surprised that this was actually a tasty way to prepare fish. I didn't marinate a full hour, but did poach the frozen fillets in the marinading liquid as someone recommended. I used a whiting fish this time, but will probably try salmon next time for some variety and more omega 3s.

SandyBear March 14, 2012

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