Fabulous Chocolate Mousse

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Recipe by internetnut

I have not tried this recipe. I got this recipe from Switch Recipes. It was posted by AnneS.

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  1. Mix half n half, water, Splenda (5 indiv. pkts), and Hershey's Dry Cocoa together.
  2. Mix in Ricotta. Mix in Cool Whip, and sour cream (but don't whip the crap out of it).
  3. This mix will taste like dooky until you put in the Pudding Mixes.
  4. FAIR WARNING:Have small cups or whatever you're going to store and or serve your mousse in READY. Because the minute the wet mix and Pudding Mix come into contact, you have about 30 seconds to blend and pour before it becomes quite sticky, thick, and unmanageable.
  5. Add Pudding Mixes (open them both before adding them both at the same time).
  6. Beat the hell out of it.
  7. Pour into cups, small dishes, Gladware, whatever you're using to serve/store it.

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