Extremely Soft White Bread (Bread Machine)

Total Time
Prep 0 mins
Cook 25 mins

This is the softest white bread I have ever baked. It was sent to me via email and I cannot remember who sent it. This is the only recipe I use for white bread.

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  1. Put your hot water, yeast and sugar in your bread machine. Let stand 6-12 minutes depending on the temp of your water. Your yeast will foam.
  2. Add remaining ingredients.
  3. Use rapid or basic white cycles.
  4. Or bake for 25 minute @ 350.
Most Helpful

I reviewed this before, but wanted to add that I have been putting a few tsp of vital wheat gluten and it makes the bread amazing! It's very fluffy, full and it keeps the shape nicely. And with the VWG, you can substitute the white flour with whole wheat flower and it comes out as soft and tender as white flour!

mrs.hare July 02, 2010

I made this in my bread machine and it was wonderful! I did it at the 1.5-lb capacity and had used a whole 2-oz packet of active dry yeast and canola oil. (The first attempt I didn't add enough salt and used sunflower oil, and the loaf sank.) But like with all bread machine recipes I make, I did the yeast-foam stage first before turning the machine on-- I put the yeast in, then the sugar, then the water into the machine's bowl and let it stand for 15 minutes. Then blended the other ingredients in and did a white bread cycle that baked in the machine, came out perfect. A definite keeper I'll make again.

the80srule March 13, 2010

This is definitely the best bread I've made. I also let the yeast and sugar sit in the warm water for about 15 mins before continuing. It is so soft and yummy. It was almost cloud-like. Just had a piece of the heel tonight. Gonna see how it tastes with left over corned beef tomorrow. Maybe I'll sneak into the kitchen and have another with some butter and jam right now! This is totally our "go to" sandwich bread now. Even my picky two year old liked it! Gonna take some to the in-laws for Wed family dinner. They'll go nuts!

alalora March 19, 2013