(Bread Machine) 2 Lb. Traditional White Bread

"This is great bread for making toast and dunking in coffee. It is also great for making French toast."
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Ready In:
3hrs 10mins




  • Measure and add liquid ingredients to the baking pan.
  • Measure and add oil to baking pan.
  • Measure and add dry ingredients (except yeast) to the baking pan.
  • Sprinkle the yeast on top of the flour.
  • Snap the baking pan into the breadmaker and close the lid.
  • Choose the "Basic" setting.
  • Choose the "Light" crust color setting.
  • Press start.
  • Remove the baking pan after about 55 minutes of the baking period.
  • Gently shake the bread loaf out of the baking pan onto a cooling rack.
  • If necessary, remove the kneading blade from the loaf. Be careful, it is hot!
  • Set the loaf upright, cover with a dishtowel and let cool for 20 minutes.

Questions & Replies

  1. my dough was sticking to the sides of my bread machine. I don't know what I did wrong. I wet my finger with oil and rubbed the oil on a long handled spatula to scrape the sides of the mixing bowl. After a couple of times of doing that it eventually went into a non stick ball of dough. What could I have done different? The kneader cycle just turned off.
  2. Can I use bread machine yeast? If so, how much?
  3. are you sure this is for a 2lb loaf tin. 940 ml flour is nearly a kilo seems a bit much
  4. Too thick dark outer


  1. It came out beautifully! Wonderful taste/texture. Exactly what I wanted for everyday bread. This recipe will be replacing my existing one for traditional white bread.
    • Review photo by kasia815
  2. Thank you so much for this recipe it was perfect. My husband and daughter DO NOT want me buying bread anymore LOL
  3. This bread is great! The loaf is so soft and not nearly as dense as other recipes I've tried. It makes great toast too like the description says :) This is now my go-to bread recipe, I make it twice a week!
  4. Love it! So quick and easy, and it comes out perfectly in my bread machine. I made no changes. Thanks for the great recipe!
  5. I had to add just a bit more water because the batter was too dry. But it turned out good.. I didn’t have bread flour so I used all purpose. I Think it would be better if I had used bread flour, but it was tasty, with a very nice texture. No big holes.


  1. I used 3.5 Tbsp of butter instead of 2 Tbsp of canola oil
  2. Used butter instead of oil and dried yeast



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