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Recipe by Charlotte J

We enjoyed the 17th Annual Cornish Festival in Mineral Point Wisconsin in 2009. We stopped at a local diner and enjoyed a Cornish Pasty with Chili Sauce. I bought their local cookbook just for the pasty and sauce recipes. This first sauce recipe is from Lela Jacobson. She uses it with her Cornish Pasty recipe.

Top Review by minnesotaris

I bought a jar of Cornish Chilli Sauce while back home during a 4th of July flea market. I had never had it before but it goes well with a lot of meats especially pork. I try it on anything once. It is not sold anywhere and have looked for about two years for something similar. Here it is.

There is no heat in this recipe, just a lot of flavor. I made a half batch to can and filled eight pint jars. After about a week, I tried it and was very pleased - nearly identical to what I purchased. I am sure it will meld and improve with a bit of aging too.

I pulsed the hot mix in my blender (<2/3 full) to a rough appearance then put in jars. Next time, I will simmer this down to a bit of a thicker consistency to avoid any wateriness. The finished sauce I know of should be thick-ish, rough, but not chunky nor smooth.

A welcome variation could be a hot pepper for those who like spice. Use prudently because just a touch of heat would be appropriate; perhaps barely noticeable. Thanks for posting this recipe! It was a long-time find for me.

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  1. Combine all vegetables.
  2. Cook until some of the liquid has evaporated.
  3. Place cloves and broken cinnamon sticks in a cheese cloth, tie.
  4. Add vinegar, salt, sugars, spice bag, celery and mustard seed to vegetable mixture.
  5. Cook until thickened.
  6. Seal in pint jars and process 15 minutes in Hot Water Bath.

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