Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

"Similiar to Mae Ploy. Additions may be added...ginger, cilantro, etc. Use for dipping chicken fingers, spring rolls, wantons, Crab Ragoon, grilled chicken, fried calamari...and the list goes on. (Note: Traditionally, Thai Sweet Chili sauce is not thickened with starch, but rather cooked into a syrupy consistancy. There's some benefit to thickening with starch and using less sugar.)"
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Ready In:
1 cup approximately




  • Keeping the seeds makes for a hotter end product, removing less so. Keep in mind it will be hotter the first day and dissipates over time. Resist the urge to taste and redip your spoon. Enzymes in saliva breaks down starches and will eventually make it watery -- that is in my humble opinion.
  • In a food processor blend together the garlic, red peppers, sugar, water, vinegar and salt into a puree; transfer to a sauce pan.
  • Bring mixture to a boil and simmer until the mixture begins to thicken and garlic and peppers bits slightly soften, about 3 minutes.
  • Combine cornstarch and water to make a slurry. Whisk into the sugar/pepper mixture. Bring to a boil and cook for 1 minute. Cool completely before storing in refrigerator.

Questions & Replies

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  1. hannahwilson38
    Hi, Can i ask why the strength of the sauce goes after time? Is there a way to stop this? Thanke
  2. sana.sani_12842149
    how long can i store it in the refrigerator ? also do i need to use fresh hot peppers ? thank you


  1. angeldawn89
    Tripled the recipe and added about 30 thai chili peppers, added some pectin and wish i didn't because it doesn't have the consistency i like, next time i will just cook it down and add the cornstarch like it calls for. it tastes amazing though regardless.
  2. mama smurf
    What an easy and delicious recipe! I made as follows and used rice vinegar. I did take out a little more than half the seeds in the red jalapenos (which I would have left them all in which I will do next time). I used this along with another one of your "fabulous" recipes Sweet Chili Chicken with Asian Vegetable Rice #450681. Both going into my Favorites for 2011 and will be used over and over. Thank you for submitting the recipes. Made for New Kids on the Block tag game.
  3. Cilantro in Canada
    I had made some Chinese firecrackers and discovered that I was out of dipping sauce to go with them. So I searched here and found this recipe. I only had dried cayenne peppers, so I used two of those and put everything in my Vitamix , then I cooked on top of the stove as directed. My family raved about this sauce and claim it is better than store bought. It is also significantly cheaper than store bought. Thanks for the recipe.
  4. rosslare
    Just what I was looking for!
  5. Chilicat
    I decided to make Recipe #473884, which uses Thai sweet chili sauce in the recipe, but couldn't find it at the store. I was going to do without but decided to see if there were any recipes posted for it. As luck would have it, I had ONE jalapeno (a green one) so I decided to try this recipe out. Am I glad I did!! My sauce turned out green instead of red, but it was thick and sweet and full of flavor. I served the leftover sauce on the side of the lettuce wraps and it really made the dish. I don't know what the original Mae Ploy tastes like, but I don't need to! From now on I'm making this super easy recipe whenever I need sweet chili sauce. Thanks so much for posting!


  1. ilovejunkmale
    Didn't have any jalapenos, etc BUT had a bumper crop of orange habaneros AND trinidad scorpions from this summers harvest. I used ONE hab and boy, was this hot!! If your friends don't like spicy, stick with the jalapenos.
  2. Catnip46
    Instead of hot red peppers I used powdered cayenne pepper and followed the rest of the recipe. My chili sauce didn't turn very red but it was very good. Thank you gailanng for posting. Made for 2012 Cookbook Tag.
  3. Dalton N.
    I used dried "chile japonés" instead of fresh.


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