Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

From Veganomicon

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  1. combine first 4 ingredients in food processor. puree to thick paste.
  2. add tofu and blend until smooth.
  3. blend in salt and basil.
Most Helpful

I have Veganomicon and used this recipe from Isa's Lasagna. Had my sis over for dinner and she (TOTAL omni) could not stop eating it. Amazing. I am vegan and haven't had real ricotta for years so I don't even remember what real ricotta tastes like but dang, this is one amazing cheese replacer that makes lasagna pop. Note that though it's vegan it's oil heavy so it's not light but daaaaang it is good! Thanks for bringing the recipe over Chef 461400.

joop August 18, 2010

Amazing. Sometimes I cut back on the lemon juice, but it really is perfect as it is. I love lasagna filled with this, and so does my omnivorous family.

Lovaskon April 04, 2011

This stuff is *amazing.* I use extra firm tofu instead of firm, making the consistency a little thicker and easier to spread. I spread it on a thin crust pizza (no sauce), and top it with roasted vegetables - anything fresh at the farmers market. In the summer, I stuff squash blossoms with it, bread and fry those. Unreal. Put it in lasagna, use it as a dip. I've served this to vegans and omnivores, and all love it. Plus, it's gluten-free. So many options with this stuff!

KandKConnection January 26, 2011