Burrito Ultimo

Recipe by Leahs Kitchen

We made this last night and really enjoyed it,even had it again for lunch today. They are filled with re-fried beans, beef, Mexican spiced rice, jalapenos, cheese and all the other toppings/fillers that you want. This recipe is also good since it serves 8-10 with only 1lb of meat! You can use either ground turkey as we do or ground beef, doesn't really matter. Hope you like this as much as we do.

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Although I changed it a lot due to my diet,it was a wonderful springboard for me,it get the highest 5 star rating
MY TAKEOFF ON IT:Rice cooker burrito wraps Ultimo
By Leah's Kitchen on October 14, 2009 10 6%u201DFLOUR TORTILLAS
%u2022 Serves: 8-10, Yield: 10.0 burritos
o 1 lb chunked whole m/rms
o 1large white onions, diced
o 4 garlic cloves, smashed and minced
o 3 tablespoon chili powder
o 3 tablespoon cumin
o 1 tspn jalapenos,
o 2 cup of uncooked long-grain rice
o 3 cups broth
o 1 tablespoon garlic powder
o ½ bag nonfat yellow cheese AFTER COOKING
o yogurt,guacamole,tomatoes,cheese,SALSA
o Directions
1. Place all in r.cooker,stir,turn on
2. Fold bottom edge up and then both sides. Enjoy!
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  1. Saute diced onions over medium-high heat until soft, add meat.
  2. Cook meat until nearly done, add minced garlic and turn down the heat to medium-low.
  3. When all the meat is cooked add half of the can of jalapenos including all of the reserved liquid. (Keep meat warm while you finish the rice and beans.).
  4. Cook rice according instructions on the bag except where it calls for water add broth instead.
  5. Heat up the beans on the stove or in the microwave. (If you are using the stove add some water to the beans so they do not dry and stick to the bottom of the pan, heat over medium heat for about 5 minutes) Place hot beans into a serving bowl, cover and keep warm.
  6. Wrap all tortillas tightly in between two sheets of aluminum foil, place in oven and turn oven on to 350°F
  7. Once tortillas are warm (about 10 minutes) the rice should also be done.
  8. Add spices into the rice and mix gently together.
  9. Place a little meat, beans, rice and your choice of toppings into each tortilla.
  10. Fold bottom edge up and then both sides. Enjoy!

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