Recipe by grandma2969

makes approximately 5 dozen

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  1. to prepare pastry, place flour in large bowl, cut in cream cheese and butter.continue to mix until dough can be shaped in a ball.
  2. wrap dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate 1 hour.
  3. shape chilled dough in 1" each ball into ungreased tassie pan.(miniature muffin tins) press in shape --
  4. prepare oven to 350*.
  5. to prepare filling, melt butter and heavy pan over low heat.remove from heat, blend in sugar, vanilla, eggs and salt.beat until thick --
  6. stir in pecans.spoon about 1 tsp filling into each pastry shell.
  7. bake at 350* 20-25 minutes -- or lightly browned.and filling is set.
  8. cool in pans on wire rack --
  9. remove from pans -- makes about 5 dozen cookies.

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